In Which One of Your Favorite Authors Interviews YOU (I Mean Me!)

I want to share an interview with you that I just did—and it includes the first-ever giveaway of a SIGNED hardcover of Imaginary Girls. I’m not doing a giveaway on my blog just yet, so if you want to win a book, you’ll have to enter there. BUT, but, wait a second… before I tellContinue reading “In Which One of Your Favorite Authors Interviews YOU (I Mean Me!)”

Shredding the Old to Celebrate the New

Last night—while I probably should have been writing—I was home in the too-tiny apartment I share with E and I tripped over a carton of books I’d left on the floor because there was nowhere else to put it. This carton contained my author copies of Imaginary Girls. Another carton had been sitting on theContinue reading “Shredding the Old to Celebrate the New”

Making Good Use of Bad Memories

In the café one morning, another writer and I talked about things that happened to us as teenagers. Things we did. Things we did even when we knew we shouldn’t. Things we almost did and will look back on forever after, with such an intense feeling of relief that plans fell through, or that someoneContinue reading “Making Good Use of Bad Memories”

One Morning You Wake Up and Go, THIS is my BOOK TRAILER!

I’m so thrilled to share this with you, blog readers. I’m so thrilled that it even exists in the world. The first time I saw it, I was openmouthed and utterly entranced. Did I say I was thrilled, did I? Because I am. Thrilled. My publisher just gifted me with a book trailer. Here itContinue reading “One Morning You Wake Up and Go, THIS is my BOOK TRAILER!”

How’d the Reading Go, You Wonder?

So I mentioned that I’d be reading from Imaginary Girls for the first time out in public this week. Are you wondering how it went? The day of the This Week in New York 10th Anniversary Party was a thunderous downpour of rain. I joked that it was very fitting to my novel that theContinue reading “How’d the Reading Go, You Wonder?”

In Which I’m About to Read My Words Aloud

The last reading I saw was the poet Alice Notley reading from Culture of One. No photographs allowed during the reading, so here’s her podium before she stood behind it: I was in the audience, second row. My sister was with me. (Alice Notley is her favorite poet.) And Alice was stunning. She was heart-racing.Continue reading “In Which I’m About to Read My Words Aloud”

One Month from BOOK, and One Person Who Believed in Me

Today is May 14, which isn’t a holiday per se, but it does mean we are now one month exactly from the pub date of Imaginary Girls. In lieu of telling you how anxious and insecure I’ve been the closer we get to the pub date—I’ve deleted a whole post I was writing about this—IContinue reading “One Month from BOOK, and One Person Who Believed in Me”