A Pocket of Quiet

I’m soon about to slip into a nice pocket of quiet in the weeks before my book comes out on June 14. In just the past week I made it through the first public reading of Imaginary Girls, my first radio interview for Imaginary Girls, my first panel experience (not what I expected! one of the questions to the panel was about the zombie apocalypse and I had not prepped for that… which shows me how unprepared I am for the actual zombie apocalypse!), and tomorrow a visit to a YA writing class—but then I have at least two weeks without any publicity-related things or any out-in-public appearances. I’m looking forward to becoming a bit antisocial, because if you haven’t noticed… I still have this novel to finish.

(Imagine me, at this table, writing pages and pages and pages and chugging that iced mocha and finishing my novel. PLEASE. Imagine it. Maybe you'll help make it come true.)

The best part of my day yesterday—besides getting to meet so many great bloggers and authors… including Gayle Forman!—was seeing my agent. He’s here from LA this week and he came to support me at the panel and we got to talk after. One of the things we talked about was how, um, HELLO I really need to be focusing on writing and finishing this manuscript! He’s wonderfully motivating.

So… if I’m a little quiet in my online haunts right now, that’s why. Well, also nerves about Imaginary Girls coming out. But the best thing about writing one book while another is about to be published? It’s the perfect distraction. I can’t even feel guilty about it.

I do wish I could go off on a little retreat to finish this… anyone want to rent a wifi-free island with me?

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