One Morning You Wake Up and Go, THIS is my BOOK TRAILER!

I’m so thrilled to share this with you, blog readers. I’m so thrilled that it even exists in the world. The first time I saw it, I was openmouthed and utterly entranced. Did I say I was thrilled, did I? Because I am. Thrilled. My publisher just gifted me with a book trailer.

Here it is! The official book trailer for Imaginary Girls—thanks to Penguin Teen, and made by Mess (you guys are amazing!)—and utterly successful in making the book’s author intensely, wondrously happy.

In order to see it, I want you to go to THIS PAGE:

Why? Because they even made a landing page to showcase the trailer!

…Which makes the book’s author EVEN HAPPIER, if that is even possible (I honestly didn’t think it was)!

I hope you find the page and the trailer as beautiful as I do.

I know I need to be working on my new book, but this is the kind of distraction I should go online for, don’t you think? You would, wouldn’t you?

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