Midnight Winners of IMAGINARY GIRLS Because Today Is Pub Day!

It is exactly midnight as I prep this post, and guess what? Imaginary Girls is out today! June 14! Today! It’s real! It’s happening!

And I’m so excited about the book that I’ve randomly picked two giveaway winners! Each will get a signed hardcover and five Imaginary Girls notecards!

(I think I should be allowed to use exclamation points ALL day, don’t you!)

I am going to randomly select the winners now. Hang on… it takes a second… Okay:





So, giveaway winners, look out for my email!

To all those who didn’t win this giveaway—so many entries, wow!—thank you for wanting to read the book, and I hope you’ll consider going out and looking for it today. You’ll find it in the US and Canada wherever books are sold, and I hope some local libraries, too. (Australia, you have your own pub date… coming very soon on July 1!)

I’m collecting photos of the book on sale. If you see it, please email it to me at nova [at] novaren.com, post it on my Facebook author page, or tweet it to me on Twitter.

Thanks, everyone! And congrats to Raychelle and Kai!


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