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Interrupting Blog Tour Announcements to Apologize & Mention Some Upcoming Events

First, I have to say this:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my regular blog readers who have zero interest that my book that came out last week and don’t want to keep hearing me talk about it. I’ll be posting the location of my blog tour guest post every weekday through July 1, and I hope you will bear with me and, if you need to take a break from me, come back after. (And a thank-you to all those following my guest posts on the blog tour and supporting me and this book!)

I admit there are some other things I wish I could be blogging about. But I can’t. I absolutely can’t.

What I would like to blog about:

  • How the internet may or may not be ruining me.
  • How my novel may or may not be coming along.
  • How I have decided to handle reading reviews.
  • How solitary an existence you can have in the middle of a crowded city and how strange that is.
  • How much writing has changed for me after being published.
  • How a shy person deals with public events, before and during and after.
  • How I had this big realization this morning and wrote myself a blog post about it that I can’t show you.

But I will not be posting those thoughts anytime soon. Maybe it’s time for an anonymous blog, huh? That’s how this blog started, you know. It was wonderful.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I’ll be doing three events in the Hudson Valley—plus a reading in New York City—this summer and I would absolutely love to see you. It helps when people come!

Upcoming Events

Thurs., June 30
Summer Reading Kickoff
Barnes & Noble, Colonie Centre
Albany, NY
7:00 – TBD p.m. FREE!
I’ll be signing Imaginary Girls at the Albany Barnes & Noble during the “Summer Reading Kickoff” book fair with other YA and children’s authors including Eric Luper, Julia DeVillers, Jennifer Roy, James Preller, Jackie Morse Kessler, Sarah Darer Littman, Rose Kent, Aimee Ferris, Ryan Smitherson, and more. 
Wed., July 6
July Teen Author Reading Night

Jefferson Market Library, NY NY
425 Avenue of the Americas (at 10th St.)
6:00-7:30 p.m. FREE!
I’ll be reading from Imaginary Girls at the Jefferson Market branch of the New York Public Library along with other YA writers including Tara Altebrando, Matt Blackstone, Christopher Grant, Alissa Grosso, Sarah Darer Littman, Blake Nelson, Gae Polisner, and Melissa Walker. 
Mon., July 11
Barnes & Noble Reading and Signing

B&N Ulster Plaza
Kingston, NY 12401
6:30 p.m. FREE!
I will be doing a reading from Imaginary Girls and signing books at the Barnes & Noble in Kingston, New York.
Sun., Aug. 14
Hudson Valley YA Society Event

Oblong Books & Music, Rhinebeck, NY
Montgomery Row, Rhinebeck
4:00 p.m., FREE!
As a part of the Hudson Valley YA Society series, I’ll be reading and signing Imaginary Girls at 4:00 p.m. at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck along with author Micol Ostow, who will be reading and signing her fantastic new YA novel family You can RSVP on Facebook here.

There we go! Thank you, kind people. And thank you to all the wonderful people who bought Imaginary Girls and sent me photos for my collection and sent nice emails and tweeted nice tweets and everything and I appreciate you and thank you.

9 responses to “Interrupting Blog Tour Announcements to Apologize & Mention Some Upcoming Events”

    • Nina, I would LOVE to come to the West Coast—I love Portland, and I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco. Maybe one day! 🙂

  1. Wow I would love to read any of those blog posts you mentioned… they sound completely interesting and sound like they would help a lot of people. Like me (another shy person) who wonders how I will deal with public events if I ever get published. 😀

    • Gracie, thank you! Maybe I will post them after the blog tour. I’ve been working through my shyness and getting better and better with each public event, and I’d love to help other shy writers if I can. It’s hard! 🙂

  2. I just want to second Gracie’s comment – I would love to read about any of the aforementioned topics! I’ve been so fascinated with everything surrounding the release of Imaginary Girls (and, of course, the book itself, which I absolutely loved!), and I would be thrilled to read more about your experiences.

    • Alisha, thank you so much! OK, some of these posts will be coming up in the future. Thank you for reading this blog and the book and for being so wonderfully supportive!

  3. I can’t imagine anybody who follows you and your blog not being totally thrilled and completely interested in this journey you are on. I, for one, love that you share all the aspects of the writing life from the doubts and anxieties while writing/revising to the publication and promotion that goes into it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you truly inspire me:) Loving your blog tour!

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