Dear Australia: Your Very Own Edition of IMAGINARY GIRLS Is Out Today!

I’m here looking at a world clock and, you know what? In some parts of Australia it’s already Friday, July 1. Well… mostly everyone’s asleep now, but still… This means that the ANZ edition of Imaginary Girls is officially on sale TODAY! (When you wake up.) Yay!

This is my first and only foreign sale—ever, in my life—and I’ll tell you about the moment I first got the news. I was having tea with a talented playwright I’d met at an artists colony at a café in Midtown Manhattan and my phone started ringing. I saw that the Caller ID said it was my literary agency in New York. But I didn’t answer. I said to my friend, “I have no idea why they’d be calling me. My agent isn’t at the New York office anymore… he’s in LA, so it can’t be him.” (Michael, I always answer your calls!) She asked if I was sure I shouldn’t take the call. I’m like, no, no, it’s fine. Assured it wasn’t my agent, that likely it was a wrong number, I let one of the most important calls of my life go to voice mail and then continued my inspiring talk with this playwright (who I admire very much, but that’s another story).

After some time, the playwright and I parted ways and I headed to the closest subway, which was across the street at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. While I was walking through a piss-scented, trash-filled disgusting back entrance into the bus station, I remembered the voice mail and played the message. It was the foreign rights director at my agency! Telling me she had news and I should call her back! There were two random men in this passage acting crazy, staring at me, and lurching against the walls, but I made the phone call back from that spot anyway because at least it was quiet and I could hear what the foreign rights director had to tell me.

She gave me the news: An indie publisher in Australia wants to publish Imaginary Girls! The editor loves the book! They’re Pier 9, an imprint of Murdoch Books! They want to publish as soon as July! They’re so excited!

I was so thrilled! I remember standing there, holding my nose, looking at the dirty walls and men staring back at me and thinking, I AM GOING TO REMEMBER THIS MOMENT FOREVER!

After I ended the call with Lauren—the wonderful foreign rights director at my agency—I realized I’d been pacing the corridor with a freakish smile on my face, leaping around and making odd squealing sounds, and maybe I was scaring the strange men who’d been scaring me.

This moment might sound sketchy and yucky, but I can’t even tell you how happy I was. How I soared into the main terminal of the Port Authority, seeking the subway, gliding through rush-hour crowds, thinking, My book is going to be published in Australia!



It’s one of the happiest things that happened to me all year, and yes I will forever have fond memories of the back entrance to the Port Authority bus terminal because of it.

Fast forward to today. Today (in Australia) is July 1 and Imaginary Girls is on sale!

My Australian publisher, Pier 9, tweeted this photo! I can't wait to hold one in my hands!

I’m so thrilled that Pier 9 / Murdoch Books is publishing the ANZ edition. Thank you, Pier 9! If you live in Australia or New Zealand, please please look for the book in stores and tweet me photos if you can! Or post them on my Facebook author page!

I haven’t gotten my author copies yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll give some away on the blog to my readers, even if you live in the US!

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6 responses to “Dear Australia: Your Very Own Edition of IMAGINARY GIRLS Is Out Today!”

  1. Congratulations on your ANZ publication Nova. As an Australian reader I’m accustomed to the necessity, even desirability of purchasing US / international editions of the books that I want. Often books are just not published here, and in a global marketplace sites like Amazon and thebookdepository provide a service frequently not met by local sellers.

    Pier9 are providing a great distribution channel for IG, and I commend them on their decision to buy iG. I think I have mentioned before that the copy I donate to the local library here will be purchased locally.

    One of the big challenges though in the local market is selling price. I believe Pier 9 have an Rrp for IG locally at $24.95. My copy, deilvered last week, cost me $13.50.

    Your blog entry though provided me some more perspective than the usual that I have as a consumer of books, which is price. As a rule. I’m not served well by the local market either on price or availabity and so source my books elsewhere mostly, but I’m always happy to support a local publisher where it is justified. And this is one of those occasions.

    It might take a while for my locally purchased copy to make it into the library shelf here, but when it does it should sit alongside the three books of Courtney’s that are already in the system. And when that happens, I’ll be sure to take a picture !


    • Thanks, Damon! (I thought the AUS price was $19.99? That’s what the publisher’s site says anyway, though of course I’m not in stores over there to know.)

      Thank you for your support! I appreciate it so much!

      All I know is it’s very exciting to have a foreign publisher want to publish my book. And I am thrilled 🙂


      • Right you are Nova – it is $19.99 (sorry about that !)

        I just now put my local order in with one of the best independent bookshop in Sydney (, which means the library should have it early next week 🙂


  2. You slay me: “I was so thrilled! I remember standing there, holding my nose, looking at the dirty walls and men staring back at me and thinking, I AM GOING TO REMEMBER THIS MOMENT FOREVER!”

    This moment=piss scented, creepy-man infested, trash strewn setting contrasted with spectacular news. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better, btw.


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