In Which I Share Distractions, Announce Audio Book News and a Los Angeles Book Event, and Stress Over the Pajamas I Need for California

Lately I’ve been feeling like everyone writes faster than I do. (By “everyone” I mean other authors with all their books coming out. Not that man on the couch in my café who sits for hours reading the newspaper. Or the other man who’s fast asleep on one of the best café tables in the place, the one near the outlets.)

It is my goal to quiet my mind and focus and write so much this year that I can look back and be really proud of my output. Note that it is already almost August.

In the meantime, here are some distractions I meant to tell you about before:

Distraction #1: I’m exposing myself in INTERN’s International Sh*tty First Draft Week.

I talked about writing the first draft of Imaginary Girls and shared a scene from the draft of the novel that existed before I cut 200 pages. (And I did this while I was supposed to be writing my new novel.) Other authors have shared too. Maybe they, too, should really be writing their new novels. I can’t speak for them.

Distraction #2: I’m recommending books on VLC Productions.

I recommended some books I’ve read recently and talked about what I love and look for in novels. I also revealed two books I wish I’d written (my desire to be a more commercial writer may slip out here). Oh and I did this while I was supposed to be writing my new novel. (Which is just as creepy and weird as my last novel, so you know.)

Distraction #3: I’m giving away books to YOU.

You may have noticed that I’m talking to other authors more and more, interviewing them about writing and other random epiphanies I may have while reading their books. Today is the last day to win a signed copy of a voicey Sylvia Plath–inspired, chicken-pox-infested (in a good way!) YA novel called And Then Things Fall Apart. Enter here. And next week I’m giving away an ARC of one of the books I recommended in Distraction #2. Yes, yes, yes, I’m doing all this while I’m supposed to be writing my new novel.

Distraction #4: I’m joining a new writing community. Figment this time.

Did I show you that Imaginary Girls was the recommended book of the week last week on Did I? It was! Well, soon after that they asked if I’d join as a Figment author and of course I said YES. So here I am, and say hi if you’re there. There’s something else I’m doing with Figment, so I’ll keep you posted, even though I should be writing my new novel.

Distraction #5: I’m getting to chat with teen book clubs!

(Full warning: This is an amazing distraction.) Yesterday—before heading out to a Books of Wonder event instead of writing my new novel—I got the chance to do a chat with a teen book club at a library, which was such a blast. We did the chat over Chatzy, and I loved the questions the teens asked me. And—here’s the amazing part—you will not believe what they did with balloons in honor of Imaginary Girls in their book club meeting. Check out this post—with photos!

Distraction #6: I’m going to SCBWI in Los Angeles and I don’t have pajamas yet.

I should be spending next week writing my new novel. What am I doing instead? I’m headed to the big international summer SCBWI conference in LA… even though I haven’t finished the novel yet. Yeah, smart move. BUT I think the conference will be inspiring, and I may be able to slip in some writing in the hotel room while away, who knows. The pajamas are needed for the gala party Saturday night, and I really have to get on that. So will I see you at the conference? I’ll be at the PAL authors book sale Friday evening with ten (10) copies of Imaginary Girls. Please come get them so I don’t have to cram them into my suitcase during the flight home.

Speaking of California…

While out there, I’m doing a Bridge to Books event with three other YA authors—Cindy Pon, Holly Goldberg Sloan, and Suzanne Young. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come see us at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA on Sunday, August 7 at 1:30 pm! We’ll be reading and signing our books and here’s more info about the event.

This is my only appearance on the West Coast—and my first-ever appearance out of New York state!

I’m very excited about it even if I really should be writing my new novel!

And now, do you like audio books? I have news…

Here’s an exciting announcement about Imaginary Girls: There will be an audio book of Imaginary Girls out this January 2012 with Recorded Books! Last night I listened to an audio sample for a possible Chloe—can you imagine how weird that is???

On that exciting note, I’ll end this distracting post, seeing as I just wrote this instead of writing my new novel. Next I’ll eat a banana instead of writing my new novel, maybe tweet about the audio book news instead of writing my new novel, and then, THEN…

Then I’ll turn off the internet for a bit and write my new novel. (Trying to finish it ASAP.)

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