Hudson Valley YA Society Event This Sunday!

I’m excited for this event this Sunday, August 14, at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, New York. Not just am I excited to be a part of a Hudson Valley YA Society event—I was so jealous when I first heard it was forming and wanted to move back home to the Hudson Valley just so I could be in it—but I’m also excited about the other author who will be there with me.

You may remember my interview with Micol Ostow about her new novel family. You may well know that I love this book, so you can probably only imagine how much I’m looking forward to reading with her.

But there’s more.

You see, I’ve known Micol for a long time. Quite a few years ago—let’s not count—when I had nothing published to my name and was fresh out of my MFA program, I got a day job as a copy editor at a mass merchandise children’s publisher. You know, because having an MFA in creative writing really doesn’t help pay the bills. Micol worked at this publisher, too—as an editor. I’m not sure how many years we worked there together, so very very stressed since that was a stressful job… maybe two years? Because she left before I did. I still vividly remember the day she told me she was leaving to pursue her own MFA (at the wonderful program at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults) and to write full-time. I was so excited for her, so impressed at how hard she worked, since I don’t think there was a day I knew her when she wasn’t under deadline, and I remember thinking… I want to be like Micol one day. I want to work that hard, and believe in myself, and make it happen.

She did. And you know what? I think I did. And now… now, years later, we’re going to be reading our novels together at a bookstore event, a thing I don’t even think I could have foreseen that day she came into my office at our stressful former day job, closed the door, and confided that she was giving her notice so she could go off and pursue her dream.

Can’t wait for Sunday, Micol!

If you’re in the Hudson Valley this weekend, I hope you’ll come see us. Sunday, August 14, at 4pm at the Oblong Books in Rhinebeck.

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