Transmission from Secret Writing Location

This week I had a medical procedure, then I crashed out and slept all day in recovery, then I skipped town to a secret location to FINISH MY NOVEL PLEASE.

You know the situation is dire when you have to leave all you know to have a hope of finishing the book by the day you said you’d finish it, and dire still when you slip into a tailspin of all caps and BEG THE UNIVERSE PLEASE LET ME WRITE TO THE END OF THE NOVEL THIS WEEKEND.


I wanted to tell you two things:

The Hudson Valley YA Society event with Micol Ostow at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck went really well—and what a great experience to read with Micol! I wanted to thank the store for having us and thank everyone who came out to see us. Thank you! I’ll post some photos on my website when I get home.


I was excited to be a part of the wonderful online writing conference WriteOnCon this year. You can read my post on writing magical realism here, and if you comment you could win a signed ANZ edition of Imaginary Girls! (Note: Same cover art, same insides, but in paperback and with slight differences you’ll notice if you get one.)

I’d say more, but I have a temporary login for wifi and it won’t last much longer.

Wish me luck? Please?

6 responses to “Transmission from Secret Writing Location”

  1. Good luck! You can do it!! *\o/*

    Your WriteOnCon post was terrific, btw. Not sure if I left you a comment over there, but I really enjoyed reading it. Timely, for me — my mind often drifts toward weirdness when I’m writing, and I’m finally learning to just go with it, lol.


  2. Good luck with your writing. I’m going on a vacation next week and I can’t wait to write in coffee shops that are not my own. Loved the post at WriteOnCon too.


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