A Finish-Your-Novel-Or-Else Song

Have a deadline? Trying to finish your novel in a week? Trying to revise before your eyes fall out? Need motivation? A kick in the pants? Something that makes you stop sobbing?

Sometimes an upbeat song helps.

If I share mine, maybe you’ll share yours?

Here’s a song I listen to when I feel sure that the pathetic cloud of doom hovering over my mess of a first draft is about to crush me:

It keeps me from crawling under the writing desk and napping in defeat instead of finishing this new scene! (It’s also a great collaboration between two artists I love. Why didn’t I think to collaborate and write a novel with another author?! The book would’ve been done already.)

How about you? If you have a song that forces you up and keeps you going pounding those words on the page, do share. Maybe I’ll add yours to my motivating playlist.

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