…writing this post while also trying to finish the first draft of my novel and fdfdskl my brain can’t make the words sound pretty. This’ll be quick:

So you’ve heard about Borders closing, surely. If you live near a closing Borders, you’ve probably seen there are mere days left and the sale is now up to 60–80% off.

The thought of my book still there when the doors close for good makes me sad. Cheer me up and rescue a copy?

If you rescue IMAGINARY GIRLS from a Borders—or if you’ve gone through a successful Borders rescue mission already—just email me with a picture of your receipt and I’ll mail you some swag, like an IMAGINARY GIRLS card and/or bookmark, and also a signed bookplate to stick in your book.

Happy Rescuing!

3 responses to “Rescue IMAGINARY GIRLS”

  1. No need to send me anything but I did “rescue” a copy of your book a few weeks ago from our local Borders. There were only one or two copies left I think after I got mine:) Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Sadly, Like Gabriellan, my Borders here in Columbus have already “left the building” along with Elvis. They were cool stores… They even had a warehouse here. I wonder what becomes of leftover books like that.

    Oh, and on a side note fdfdskl looks like my typing lately…

    Oh, and nice job finishing up! Good luck with the brilliant end note…

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