I’m Auctioning a Manuscript Critique for Hurricane Irene Flood Relief

If you’re writing a young adult or middle-grade novel and would be interested in a critique from me on 30 pages—or your first two chapters, whichever you prefer—you can bid on the critique from me in the Read for Relief lit auction. Bidding starts now and ends Friday, September 16th, at 10:00PM EST.

The auction is organized by Read for Relief to raise money for East Coast flood relief from Hurricane Irene, including in the Catskills, where I’m from, and the towns devastated by flooding there, some of which were very close to where I went to high school, and even found their way into my novel Imaginary Girls. (More information about flood relief in the Catskills region can be found at this great resource.) Donations from the Read for Relief lit auction will go to the Red Cross. For more information about the auction and its wonderful organizers, as well as all the amazing other things up for bid, visit their website.

I’m excited to do this critique and I hope writers will consider bidding.



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