October: Literary Blog Relay, Teen Author Event, and Blog Series All About “What scares YOU?”

 Before I vanish a train ride away from the city for a secret writing rendezvous, I wanted to tell you about some things coming up in October.



 I’m a part of a literary blog relay called “Transformation”—and it’s already begun! Go check out the first leg and read Christine Lee Zilka’s beautiful Chapter 1 and see the list of bloggers taking part. I’m next with Chapter 2, and my post will be up early next week!


Okay, if you love teen books and live on Long Island and/or can get yourself to the Dolphin Bookshop in Port Washington, New York, on Friday, October 14, I really really really really think you should. There’s a great event going on called “Picking Up the Pieces: Why We Write” with Matt Blackstone, Christopher Grant, Michael Northrop, Gae Polisner, Lena Roy, Arlaina Tibensky, and… well, me. This is going to be a different kind of reading experience—that’s all I’ll say—and I can’t wait to be there for it. More about the event can be found here.


Now this is something I’m really excited to do here on the blog, and it’s coming up in October, just in time for Halloween. Starting on October 17 and running for the next two weeks leading up to Halloween, I’ll be hosting a blog series on the topic:

          What scares YOU?

I’ll be featuring guest blogs by YA authors—MORE THAN TWENTY AUTHORS of creepy paranormals, dark dystopians and twisted contemporaries, as well as some special guests who aren’t YA authors—blogging about the scariest books they’ve ever read, scary memories that led them to write, and more.

So mark your calendars for October 17 and the two weeks that follow to get in the mood for Halloween—and for a chance to enter a big creepy giveaway on October 31.

And I want to say thank you so much to the authors who’ve agreed to write guest blogs for me. I’ve already gotten a couple and I’m so excited to put them up!

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