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After the Writing Weekend

I went away this weekend to write.

This was my view while writing one night:

And this was an especially invigorating breakfast:

Since I’m between deadlines—and thus lacking in panic, which actually helps me write—I kept switching between projects. One was in synopsis. One was in rough first draft. Decisions were made in both, the kind of sharp and dazzling decisions that seem to only be able to come when you’ve removed yourself, physically, from your real life.

I sent an exhilarated text message to my other half late last night revealing the terrible things I was about to do to my characters. I’m dangerous.

And a spider climbed into my MacBook—I think?—and I did not see it crawl back out.

Now I’m home and I have a busy workweek ahead. But before that? I treated myself to a good book.

Sara Zarr’s new novel comes out on October 18:

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4 responses to “After the Writing Weekend”

  1. Gah! A spider. Hope you don’t find it. ;> Good luck on the writing. I absolutely adored your Imaginary Girls. And getting away from real life does help the writing. I do this often because I have a toddler at home working out his terrible threes, and for some reason I’m at the center of his sensory seeking. LOL!

  2. ‘Sharp and dazzling decisions’. YES.

    And I love the bit about the spider crawling into your laptop! Better under your keyboard than in your mouth—I read some crazy (and probably bogus) statistic that we swallow 80 spiders in our sleep over a lifetime.


  3. Ernest Hemingway wrote most of “The Old Man And The Sea” in a motel in the desert along old US 66. Change of scenery helps, and in this case, it looks like a marked contrast helped, too.

    Perhaps your “pet” spider will do some writing for you… Just credit him if it’s due…


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