Readers, Book Clubs, Librarians: Want an IMAGINARY GIRLS Bookmark?

I just came home to a box of bookmarks. Want one…

…for yourself?

…or a small stack for the teens at your library?

…or for your book club?

The thing is, I changed the back of my last batch of Imaginary Girls bookmarks and ordered more for a few events I have coming up… A lot more. I sort of ordered more than I meant to. I guess I didn’t realize what 1,000 bookmarks really looks like:


I have a small apartment and not that much room to keep useless things (any more than I already do, which is a whole other story I won’t get into).

If you want a bookmark for yourself, here’s how to get one:

  1. Mail a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to my PO box. You just need one first-class stamp on the SASE.
  2. If you want the bookmark signed, say so. Otherwise I will send it as is.

Here’s the address:

Nova Ren Suma
PO Box 399
New York, NY 10276

Sorry, US only. I don’t want to have to deal with IRC coupons.

If you’re a librarian and want a small stack for your library to give out to teen readers:

  1. Email me. I’ll send you some. US and Canada only.

And if you have a book club and you’re reading Imaginary Girls:

  1. Email me and I’ll send you one for everyone in your book club. US and Canada only.

I reserve the right to stop sending out bookmarks when one of the following shifts in the cosmos occurs:

  1. I am under book deadline again and can’t think of anything but revising.
  2. I run out of bookmarks.

If you don’t help me out with this, I will have to start building bookmark sculptures. My first project will be a rocket ship or a log cabin.

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