“What Scares You?” Blog Series Starts Today

(Design & illustration by Robert Roxby)

The first of the “What Scares You?” guest blogs is about to go up for your creepy reading pleasure, so stay tuned!

These were the suggested writing prompts I gave the guest bloggers:

What’s one of the scariest books you’ve ever read?

What makes a story scary for you?

They were free to take those ideas wherever they led… So let’s see what they have to say!

And remember: Every guest blog that you comment on will give you an extra entry in the October 31 big Halloween giveaway—which includes prize packs of creepy books and ARCs from my publisher Penguin Teen! So comment away.

You can keep track of all the “What Scares You?” guest blogs with this tag.

(Illustration by Robert Roxby)
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