Inspiration for November

Are you a person of questionable sanity who’s doing the NaNoWriMo challenge this month? If you are, you surely know the writing spree starts today, and maybe you’re seeking some inspiration to get you through to November 30 with your heart and head and fingers intact.

Or maybe you’re a person who has a writing deadline and always has a writing deadline, whether this National Novel Writing Month exists or not, because for you every month is Novel Writing Month, and yet you, too, think maybe you use some inspiration?

Well, hey. This month I’m both, and I could use the inspiration, so I’m transforming my blog into just that.

I guess this is the moment when I publicly shame myself and admit that I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo this year, though for some more shame I’ll also admit that yes, I am absolutely cheating because no way will I be able to get out 50,000 words of the usable variety by the end of the month and I know that because I’ve tried before and failed. But, still, I’m taking advantage of all the fervor and I’m going to use it for motivation to get some pages down on two new novels. I’m going to shoot for 100 pages (which is a lot for me!).

Here’s another way I’m cheating: I’ve already started one of the novels. I’m so bad!

If you’re not deeply wounded by me making use of NaNoWriMo for my own selfish purposes, you can add me as a writing buddy.

Now, in honor of so many people writing novels this month, I wanted to do something. You see, pretty much every month I’m spending the time working on some draft of a novel, and it can be a terribly isolating experience. I like my alone time—I need it to thrive as a functional person; too much social engagement gives me a splitting headache and makes me want to hide under a blanket—but there have been times these past months when I was struggling through one first draft and then another that I felt so alone in the world. And not in a good way.

It felt like I had this huge, fat monster perched on my chest (hello, meet my new novel) and it was squeezing the breath out of me and no one was around to help me get it off.

That’s why I like the idea of so many people writing novels this month. I don’t care if you’ve never written fiction ever before in your life! I don’t care if you decide to throw out every single word come December (the one time I did NaNoWriMo, I did just that). What’s so fulfilling about this is the writing itself. The process. The pounding of the keys and getting words down on the page. It’s nice to know there are many more people in the world joining me in this painful pursuit this month.

Tell me in the comments if you’re NaNo’ing with me. I’ll cheer you on! Especially if you’re going all-out and writing that 50K. (And if you’re a big cheater like me, now you know you’re not alone.)

And if you, too, could use some inspiration for the month of November, I hope you’ll keep watching this space. I’m hosting a new blog series on the topic of “What Inspires You?” and some inspiring writers I know will be writing guest blogs for me.

I’ll also do my part in trying to inspire. Coming later today as you tackle your opening page: Inspiring Novel Openings.

21 responses to “Inspiration for November”

  1. Yep, I’m doing this for the second time, I finished one day early last year and am aiming to finish two days early this year. Who knows?? Wish me luck!! I’d add you as a writing buddy! 🙂


  2. Oh I’ll cheat with you! I have about 8k of novel before Nano started, and now it’s gone 10k. I quite enjoy the flurry that happens around this time each year. 😀


  3. I’m doing it! This is my third year, and I won the last two. This year I’m particularly in need of the motivation and support as I’ve been having trouble putting words on the page lately. I’m cheating a little – have about 1700 words already, but I’m making up for it by having done almost ZERO planning/plotting. 🙂 Good luck reaching your goal! (I buddied you. I’m tracythewriter)


  4. LOL! You’re not the only cheater I know. Don’t blame you either. I’m going for the full 50K for my first year. *fingers crossed* That I actually make it! I added you as a buddy btw! *cheers you on* 🙂


  5. I’m participating in NaNo! I’m aiming for 50K but I’ll take anything. I’ve already added you as a writing buddy on the site (incitata).


  6. I’m participating! But yes, I’m cheating. I already wrote about 3k last week … I just don’t believe in suppressing the urge to write! I’m hoping to get the full 50k written, but this novel will probably required another 20k on top of that (at least) to really be “done.” Hoping to finish the entire first draft by the end of December… yikes!


  7. Oh yes, I am SO into NaNo this year – and I am going to win it! I am also going over the top and doing NaBloPoMo as well. You have a great blog, I will definitely keep coming back for the inspiration!



    I’m in. I’m writing something no-one will ever read and so far it’s the best writing experience I’ve ever had.

    Good luck, dear Nova.


  9. I’m like you. I’ve done NaNo and I wrote my 50,000 words. It was great for motivation, but horrible in terms of having a decent draft. I’m now a cheater too. I’m going to use the motivation to write, but I am going to use my own process and bend the rules to suit my writing style. Thanks in advance for inspiring us.


  10. I’m doing a modified Nano- I’m in research phase, not yet to writing, so I’m using the Nano discipline to really knuckle down and get a hefty block of research done. But I’m cheering everyone else on!



  11. I’m cheating, too, but I’m calling it a “modified” NaNo. Already wrote the first 20K last spring, but I need to rewrite the beginning and then finish it. We’ll see!!!


  12. I’m doing it but I’m cheating too, 50,000 words in a month is just too much this year 🙂

    Good Luck and I’m looking forward to the inspiring posts.


  13. I’m in a big dilemma this month!

    First off, I’ve wanted to do NaNoWriMo ever since I heard about it last year. So I’m signed up this year and there’s apart of me that wants to go full out Ninja on this challenge. But there’s a couple problems: I’m in college taking courses that have homework to do and then there’s day to day life to consider…. UGH! So as optimistic as I am, I’m probably going to end up “cheating” and trying to make writing a part of my life to SOME degree this month. Oh the frustration of other responsibilities! Either way, I’m looking forward to your blog series– YAY for inspiration!

    And GOOD LUCK and GOD SPEED to all who are going to try and tackle the 50K challenge! 🙂


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