Commercial Interlude: November Events

I’m breaking into my carefully cultivated inspirational space where novel ideas soar through the air and whisper in our ears while we sleep to tell you that I will be out and about in the world two times this month—

…not including all the places in New York City where I write and where you might be able to find me if you were so inclined, though please don’t go looking, because sometimes I wear ridiculous writing outfits in public and stare into space and maybe talk to myself and wear a writing scarf on my head and/or spill tea on myself and it’s best you don’t witness that…

—and here are those two places:

Sunday, November 6, 3:30–5pm
Reading, Q&A, and Book Signing 
Inquiring Minds Bookstore

200 Main Street
Saugerties, New York 12477

With Susannah Appelbaum (author of the Poisons of Caux trilogy)

Tuesday, November 15, 7-8pm
Teen Author Event: A Series of One-Minute Themed Speed Readings!
The Huntington Public Library

338 Main Street
Huntington, New York 11743

With Matt Blackstone (author of Scary Scene in a Scary Movie), Selene Castrovilla (author of The Girl Next Door), Christopher Grant (author of Teenie), and Gae Polisner (author of The Pull of Gravity)

Come if you can!


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