COVER REVEAL: New Look for IMAGINARY GIRLS in Paperback!

Can you tell I have news? Can you see I have something to share with you and I’m so itching to do it, I scheduled this post for first thing in the morning??

Is it possible that it’s time to reveal a BRAND-NEW COVER??

It is!

I didn’t expect to be able to reveal this cover yet… It may not be final… there could be a few more tweaks… But the internet moves way too fast for me, and now that I’ve noticed a couple bloggers posting it, I COULD NOT WAIT ANY LONGER TO SHOW YOU! (Props to my saint of an agent who had to deal with me asking every day, Can I show it now? Can I show it now? Which is the author’s version of “Are we there yet?”)

And YES! I can show it now! So here goes:

I’m excited to say that Imaginary Girls will be available in paperback in June 2012, published by Speak, an imprint of Penguin.

And Speak isn’t just releasing Imaginary Girls in a new format… they’ve given the book a whole new look! Can you imagine how surreal it is to get used to your book having one face—and then discover she will have TWO heads now? Two looks to show the world?

Utterly surreal. And very exciting.

I mean, I’d gotten very used to that turquoise. I’ll have to change my signature nail polish color for book events now. It’s going a little… darker. 😉

OK, OK, I know you want me to shut up already and show you.

Here’s the new cover for the paperback edition of Imaginary Girls, coming to bookstores in June:

People, that blue is my FAVORITE COLOR! (I don’t think Speak had any idea… but now they know!)

Look at those hypnotic green eyes! The moody dark blue of the reservoir at night! Check out the rowboat! (Anyone who’s read the first chapter will know what’s going on there… Haven’t read it? You can read the first four chapters online for free.)

So I need to just say that, as a writer, I find it intensely fascinating how my stories can be interpreted visually any number of ways. I think both covers showcase different aspects of Imaginary Girls—and yet somehow they both fit. Isn’t that amazing? That my book can be seen from a new angle and still be my book?

Tell me, what do you think of the paperback cover? Leave a comment and let me know!

And if you absolutely can’t wait to get your hands on this, you can pre-order the paperback edition of Imaginary Girls here:

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26 responses to “COVER REVEAL: New Look for IMAGINARY GIRLS in Paperback!”

  1. You’re not seriously asking which cover I like best? I’m half way through the book now–absolutely loving it, btw–and even though the second one reflects the mood and Ruby’s relationship to it, I think it gives too much away. What piqued my interest about the first cover was the way the girl seemed to be gracefully floating across a turquoise backdrop with the wind gently caressing her hair and clothes and that startling red ribbon, until I realized the photo was rotated. Beauty and mystery and uncertainty, that’s what pulled me in. And your writing has fulfilled the promise of the cover, it is beautiful and mysterious, and I’m still not sure what to believe. What a masterful and haunting talent you possess to tell such a tale.


  2. Holy freakin’ shiz it’s amazing. It really matches the erie tones in the book. I already own the hardcover but I might just have to have the set. Beautiful and creepy, great combo.


  3. Wow, I saw the darker one first and thought I need to comment on here and tell you how great it is – but then I see the first one and wow! Both are really good, did you make them yourself?


  4. . . .well, since I was drawn to the hardcover because I had always admired the photographer and recognized her work immediately. . .but, that’s just me because i study photographers. . .


  5. I usually hate new covers, but I love it! The darker blue really portrays the mood of the book better. And the rowboat! I really, really love the rowboat. I’m not sure why, but I do. I like this cover the best. ;]


  6. […] Imaginary Girls Paperback Cover Reveal Posted on November 8, 2011 by wovenstrands Imaginary Girls Paperback Cover Reveal Nova Ren is a brilliant writer. Her novel, Imaginary Girls, goes beyond the paranormal. She just announced –on her blog– that Imaginary Girls has a new look for the paper back edition which will come out June 2012. Read full post here. […]


  7. LOVE them both, Nova! I agree, it’s impossible to imagine how a book can be portrayed visually until someone does it for you–twice! Congrats on another excellent cover! 🙂


  8. I seriously cannot get over how much I love the paperback cover. I mean, I’ve adored the hardback and gushed about it plenty but man, esp having read the book, the PB is just… WOW. And you’re right, they are both so fitting, and so different… I will SO be buying this one in paperback to sit right beside my pretty hardcover. *snuggles books*

    Congrats, Nova!


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