Book & Blog Updates: Secret Future Novels, First Novels with Second Lives, NEW COVERS, More Inspiration, and Next Month’s Debut Interview Series

Here are some things to tell you, and none of them have to do with my word count.

All This Inspiration… and More Coming

Thank you for reading the “What Inspires You?” blog series running all this month—and very special thanks to all the writers who generously contributed guest blogs for this series. I took a few days off from posting guest blogs when I was away for Thanksgiving, but I’ll post a new one starting Monday and more through November 30. I hope you’ll come back and read them—they’re beautiful!

Next Up: 2012 Debut Interviews

Putting together these blog series—first “What Scares You?” and now “What Inspires You?”—certainly kept me busy and happily distracted during these in-between writing weeks. And I’m not done yet.

Next month, starting on December 5, I’m featuring interviews with ten 2012 Winter/Spring YA debut authors. These are ten novels that I’m excited about and can’t wait to read… so I asked the authors for short interviews, and they all agreed! Come back in December and find out which authors I’m interviewing and read what they have to say about their novels, their distractions, their debut experience, and their dream book tours…

Plus, you’ll have chances to win some signed ARCs and pre-orders of their books!

Secret and Future Novels

I keep getting asked when my next new book will be out, and if I have one. I do. Really!

I don’t know if the title will stick, so I’ll keep that secret for now, but I can tell you that this creepy new novel of mine will be coming out from Dutton Books in 2013.

It’s not a sequel to Imaginary Girls (I keep getting asked this, too). I don’t tend to write books that have sequels, or are part of a series or a trilogy. So it is its own thing. More on just what this is soon.

In the meantime, I will have two paperback releases in June 2012. The first is Imaginary Girls, coming to paperback from Speak, an imprint of Penguin… and if you haven’t seen the new look in paperback, you should read this post.

And the second paperback release coming in June 2012? Read on…

A Second Life for My First Novel

How is it possible that I haven’t blogged about this news yet here? Well, if you’re with me on Twitter or Facebook or Verla’s, or happened upon the news post on my website, you’ll know this already. If not:

So, do you remember my first published novel, Dani Noir? It was a tween novel published in hardcover in 2009 by Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, and it looked like this:

Well, Dani Noir never did get published in paperback, and I was sad about that. I thought that was the end to this book.

Not so! Sometimes the universe—or in this case, the publisher Simon & Schuster—has other plans, and so something very unexpected and exciting happened: Dani Noir is being given a second chance at life… with a new cover, a new title, and published for a new age level…

Look for Fade Out on the YA shelves from Simon Pulse, a teen imprint at Simon & Schuster, this June 2012:

This is really happening! For the longest time, I thought Dani Noir would never have a life in paperback, and thanks to Simon Pulse—and to a wonderful editor there: Anica Mrose Rissi—the book has a new opportunity to find its way to readers!

If you have questions about Dani Noir vs. Fade Out, please see my website FAQ.

Wait, What’s That About a Cover Reveal on Monday?

You read that right. I’ve been given permission to reveal the cover of Fade Out. I think I’ll do that on Monday!

In the Meantime

I reached page 50 the day before Thanksgiving, just minutes before I had to leave for the train. I revise and polish as I go, so I’m getting very close to being able to show what I have to important people and see if this can be my fourth book!

Happy writing.

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