COVER REVEAL: The Cover of FADE OUT (a book you may remember as DANI NOIR)

I have a new cover to show you… and it is gorgeous.

First, in case you missed this recent news, my first novel Dani Noir is getting a second chance at life… and you happened to my blog on the perfect day, because you’re about to see its new cover! Today is the day I’m revealing it!

Wait, why the second life, you might ask? Dani Noir—my novel about big lies, big secrets, and the thirteen-year-old girl obsessed with old black-and-white noir movies and the femme fatale Rita Hayworth—came out in hardcover and ebook from Simon & Schuster / Aladdin as a tween novel in 2009… but not in paperback. Some of you may remember that this was the novel I sold on my own, without an agent. The book sort of disappeared after its hardcover release, to the point where many people seemed to think that Imaginary Girls, which came out in 2011 from Dutton Books, was my first published novel. Not so. Simon & Schuster had some wonderful other plans, and now my first book is not only coming out in paperback this summer from a different imprint at S&S… it’s about to reach a new audience. Look for Fade Out on the YA shelves in June 2012 from Simon Pulse!

And since Fade Out is now being reissued as a YA title, that means it needed an older, more sophisticated cover.

What it wanted was a cover lifted from Dani’s own imagination… Dani, the narrator, who says things like this:

“If this were a movie, I’d jump out the window. A good enough plan, I guess. But if this were an old movie, like from the 1940s before all that color, the kind of movie called a ‘film,’ one where you’d find someone like Rita Hayworth, I wouldn’t even have to jump.

It’d be nighttime, of course, not 4:42 in the afternoon. There’d be this killer bright light coming in from the window, but in it you’d only see half my face. It’s more cinematic that way. My hair’s dark—no other word to call it but brown—but in this movie it would be pitch-black. It would shine. And I wouldn’t be wearing shorts—I’d have on some long, sparkly dress. Oh—and heels like the spiky ones my mom keeps in the back of her closet even though they hurt her ankles and who knows why she still has them. Plus a hat. I’d have to wear a hat. Back then, girls always wore hats.

The room would be dark and you’d get a tight close-up of just my face. That’s when I’d do this whole series of expressions with my eyes.

You’d see fear.






Plus lots more stuff I don’t even know the words to.

Then I’d take a few steps out of frame and the shadows would swallow me. And no one would be able to find me after that.”

That’s Dani.

Yes, I can tell you that this is a cover Dani herself would love for her book. It’s a cover worthy of a femme fatale.

Wow, how long am I going to prolong this cover reveal? As Dani would say: Are you asleep yet? Will you shut up so we can see it?

Yes. I’ll shut up.


I’m thrilled to be working with Anica Mrose Rissi at Simon Pulse—the editor who made this reissue happen!!—and all the more thrilled by this cover she gave the book. Thank you, Anica! Thank you to the designers at Simon Pulse who came up with this gorgeousness.

Fade Out will be published in trade paperback on June 5, 2012, from Simon Pulse… the same month Imaginary Girls will also be published in paperback. Hopefully you’ll find them snuggling each other on the same bookstore or library shelf and want to grab them both. I think they’ll look good together.

What do you think of the Fade Out cover? If you’ve read Dani Noir or if you haven’t and will pick up the book for the first time this June, comment and let me know!

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37 responses to “COVER REVEAL: The Cover of FADE OUT (a book you may remember as DANI NOIR)”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhh I still think I love love love the original cover even more, but this one is also beautiful. (Also: I had no idea you sold Dani Noir without an agent! I read it when it came out and really liked it and was surprised more people didn’t read it.)

    Why are they changing the title though?


    • Thank you, Jordyn! Since this is being reissued as a YA book, instead of a tween/middle-grade book the way it was originally published, it is getting a new title to distinguish it.

      And yes, I sold DANI NOIR on my own without an agent. I got my agent for IMAGINARY GIRLS… and of course he’s wonderful and helping me with all my books now, for which I’m grateful.


  2. Fade Out cover looks beyond gorgeous. I already love Dani’s character simply by reading that passage! I am definitely pining for this release!


  3. It’s a beautiful cover Nova, but I’m thrilled it wasn’t the original, nor that my first encounter with Dani Noir was this edition. It was the noir-ish feel of the hardcover’s image, coupled with the titled the caught my attention and got me to pick it up so I could read the jacket copy. The new cover just doesn’t distinguish itself the same way, so I’ll be sticking with my trusty original edition. 🙂


  4. I’m just curious; if it was first published more for MG, why is it coming out for YA? Do you think it crosses over well between audiences?

    The cover goes perfectly with you excerpt! I want! *grabby hands*


    • Gabi, the choice to publish the book as YA in paperback instead of tween was my publisher’s. They do think it crosses over, so I have faith that it will speak to a YA audience. The hardcover was noted as ages 9-14 and now the paperback is ages 12 and up… so there’s definitely some cross-over there.

      I’m also making some small changes to the text that will age it up a little bit.


  5. Such a beautiful cover, Nova! 😀 And I’m so intrigued that it’s being reissued as a YA, not a MG. I hope you’ll blog more about this whole process!


  6. Hi Nova! I came across this cover by chance – I am actually the photographer of the photo (and the model too – it’s a self portrait). It looks amazing! I’m so excited to see my photo used for such an intriguing story and for such an awesome author! Congrats on this new release of your book – I can’t wait for it to come out so I can read it! 🙂


    • Ilina, I’m so thrilled you found this post and commented! I love the image so much—it is GORGEOUS. And I am all the more thrilled to find out who is on the cover of my book. I love knowing, and I especially love knowing that it is a self-portrait. You are so talented!

      All my very best,


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