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The Week of the New Title, the New Cover, and the Finale of the Inspiration Series

A lot happened this week…

I revealed the title of my 2013 novel forthcoming from Dutton.

I had a transcendent editorial conversation with my editor and can see what this book will become… once I revise it.

I showed you the cover of the newly updated and about-to-be-reissued Dani Noir… as Fade Out, coming in June 2012.

I told you how painfully shy I used to be in school… and how writing helped me find my voice.

And as the month of November came to a close, so did my inspiration blog series—and I’m grateful to all the authors who took part.

Next week will feature:

  • A series of interviews with 2012 debut authors
  • And me, off-screen where you can’t see, working, a lot
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3 responses to “The Week of the New Title, the New Cover, and the Finale of the Inspiration Series”

  1. Nova, it was fabulous being on your blog. I have to say, you inspire me greatly with your talent and your generosity to the writing community! I can’t wait to hear more about 17 & Gone!

  2. Ooh! As a 2012 debut author myself, I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next month!

  3. The inspiration series was simply amazing, and I look forward to the interviews. Best of luck with the off-screen stuff as well.

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