POLL: What Blog Series Would YOU Like to See Here Next?

I’ve enjoyed hosting blog series here lately, with guest blogs from so many wonderful, generous writers. First there was the “What Scares You?” series in October, and then there was the “What Inspires You?” series in November. And starting tomorrow I’ll be featuring short interviews with 2012 YA debut authors in a series that will come out three times this year so I can feature books from every publishing season.

BUT there is room in my life in 2012 for another blog series before I run off to my next writing residency in March. And you can help me out by telling me which series you’d most like to read…

Let me know what you’d like to see here next by taking this poll! (You can pick more than one topic if you really want to.) And feel free to suggest a theme of your own in the “Other” section.

Or you can comment below, or email me privately!

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