2012 Writing Resolutions Photographed

I’ve made my writing resolutions for 2012. I wanted them to be attainable goals, and by that I mean goals I could actually meet—without needing to rely on (or wait on, or hope on, or plead with) any other person outside myself. I do have dream-worthy things I wish would happen to my writing career next year, but they are just that: dreams. I have no control over if they’ll come true or not. Instead, I want to walk into this new year with actual things I can make an effort to accomplish, change, and pursue. I want to look back and see I moved forward on my own two feet.


Some of my resolutions are very realistic goals.

Some will be very difficult.

One scares me.

Another is going to be really fun.

But here they are anyway—the seven writing resolutions I have for 2012, photographed as evidence!

What? Did you think I’d actually show you the resolutions before they’ve had a chance at coming true? There’s a little magic in keeping things close and giving them a chance to happen. So I’m doing just that.

I have seven unpublished photographs of the resolutions opened up so you can read them. I’ll show you each one and reveal what my resolutions were at the end of 2012. And by then I can tell you if I kept my word to myself…

…I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try!

Will you share your writing resolutions with me, even if I haven’t shared mine (yet) with you? I’ll wait a year if I have to!

13 responses to “2012 Writing Resolutions Photographed”

  1. Yep, I’ll share. Finish a proposal and get it to my agent (and then my editor) earlyearlyearly in 2012; write at least a complete first draft of a picture book manuscript; start a new novel manuscript; and not utterly lose my #$%& when my book finally hits the shelves in October. I’m VERY VERY CURIOUS to see what your resolutions are, Nova, but oh, I am eternally patient. I’m like grim old death itself, I’m so patient…


  2. I have four writing resolutions this year. 1: finish this set of research. 2: Finish the first draft. 3: Finish the next first draft. 4: Keep trying. Ideally this one would say acquire agent, but I can’t control that. What I can control is continuing to query, continuing to try, and in the meantime,, continuing on to the next thing.
    Best of luck with yours!


  3. I have 3– two tangible,and one not:
    1. Finish novel #3. I am starting out with 10,000 words written, and this one is VERY close to my heart, so I figure if I write 8,000 words a month, I can have it finished and edited before 2013 arrives.
    2. Publish novel #2, by which I mean find a publisher for novel #2
    3. Stop reading bad reviews of novel #1 and thinking I have no talent while ignoring the plethora of good reviews (its literally 2 bad, 20+ good).


  4. My goals/resolutions for the new year.
    1.Finish manuscript
    2.Look for an agent, I have a few in mind.
    3.Start on my second manuscript that’s calling my name.
    4.Travel more
    5.Get my new blog ready
    I have two more that are personal so I will keep to myself, but I can tell you there difficult. I’m hoping to accomplish.

    I can’t wait to see yours through the year.


  5. My goal is to finish this first draft I’m working on. School takes up most of my time, so this is really an ambitious goal! I think I can do it. I’m going to set monthly writing goals, which seem more reachable then weekly goals. I think the finished draft will be about 60,000 words, so my goal will be to get 5,000 a month . . .


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