The Blog Makeover

You may have noticed some changes here lately—and that’s because distraction no. 99 has gone through a little makeover in time for the New Year. Or else I’m distracting myself by effectively rearranging my furniture and redecorating my blog walls… Who can tell?

Here’s what changed:

• The main url of this site is now Don’t worry, all the old links will continue to work (and you can still reach this blog through the address), but if you feel like updating your links to the new url, you are welcome to!

• Your blog subscriptions should stay exactly the same, but if you haven’t subscribed already, you can add this blog to your Google Reader or another RSS reader by pasting in the link for this feed. You can also subscribe to this blog by email—just scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar on the left and you’ll see the “Sign me up!” button. You don’t need to be a WordPress user to use this subscription service. Here’s more about it.

• You may have noticed that this site looks different, too. I updated the blog template, but all the content is just as it was. I’m between blog headers, so I hope you don’t mind the four cover images taking their places at the top of the site. I’m hoping to do a more complete redesign—including a brand-new permanent blog header—before the end of 2012.

• I’ve also updated some information on my contact page, including my mailing address. I added a note about how I do love getting books and ARCs in the mail, but I don’t review books, since I find it to be a conflict of interest as an author myself (and also uncomfortable…I have strong feelings about this that maybe I should save for a blog sometime), but I do love to feature authors in other ways—interviews, guest blogs, etc. (Also if you go to the contact page, you will see how to get a free Imaginary Girls bookmark with the original cover art on it!)

• I expanded the About page, as well, where you can read a short bio of me in blog posts and find other information about this blog and more.

There are also two new pages I want to tell you about:

• The new Blog Series page features all the blog series I’ve been featuring on this site, and gives you links so you can go back and read any guest blogs or features you may have missed.

• The new Author Interviews page gives easy links to all the writer-to-writer interviews I’ve done on this site, as well as links to each of the author interviews featured in my recent 2012 debut YA author interview series.

What’s coming to this site in the next few months?

• A new blog series on the theme of Turning Points will be launching on January 11. This new series will feature authors revealing the turning points in their writing careers that changed everything and led to where they are today. There are some truly amazing authors involved—and the guest blogs that have been sent in to me so far are absolutely fantastic. Not to mention, giveaways will accompany some of these posts. So come back on January 11 to keep up with this series! I’m already finding the guest blogs so inspiring, and I can’t wait for you to read them.

• I’ll soon be featuring more writer-to-writer interviews with authors I admire. I’ll be posting a new interview this week, and I have questions to send a few more authors who’ve agreed to be interviewed. I really enjoy asking authors deep and twisty questions about their writing process, and I hope you enjoy reading their answers.

• My 2012 YA debut interview series was only just getting started last month… There will be ten new Summer 2012 debut YA authors interviewed in April, so stayed tuned to see who I chose and what books I’m excited to read this summer. (I’ll also be featuring ten Fall 2012 debut YA authors in August.)

• Not to mention, you’ll surely find my own blogs about my upcoming writing residency this spring, where I’ll be spending four weeks living on top of a mountain in California that apparently overlooks the Pacific Ocean. (Will I survive the mountain lions? We’ll know soon enough!)

• The ongoing quest to achieve my 7 Secret Writing Resolutions for 2012—and, following Beth Revis’s lead, I may reveal them as I accomplish them… We’ll see.

• And of course, more musings on revising my novel.

If you are an author who’d like to contribute to a future blog series, feel free to email me.

And if you have any suggestions about this site—what to feature, how to publicize it better (I could use some blog marketing advice), or how to go about re-rearranging my furniture the next time I get antsy—do let me know that, too.

Happy 2012!

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