The “Turning Points” Series Hiatus. Why? So I Can Write.

Hello from Revisionland. Things are crazy up in here. The new draft of 17 & GONE is not done yet and I will be turning it in to my editor next week, plus I have to work on my course materials for the online YA novel writing class I’m teaching (you can still sign up; it starts April 19!), plus I’m putting together a special thing for the Imaginary Girls paperback release (June 14!) and this special thing is also due in this month—not to mention that I need to finish my taxes and pack so I can go away for a writing residency—and so I hope I’m forgiven for any erratic behavior, strange stick-up hairstyles, overuse of striped clothing (I resort to stripes for comfort), delusional emails and/or email radio silence, and whatever else comes when thisclose to three deadlines plus taxes. In the meantime, I need to tell you this and also ask for your feedback:

The Turning Points blog series has been so much fun for me so far. Have you been into it? Well, I hope you’re liking it enough to be happy to know it’s not over yet. For the next week, until April 12, there will be some wonderful new Turning Points, which I hope you’ll read.

But then I am putting the series on a short hiatus while I am away here:

As many of you know, I’m going away on a writing residency to a colony in California March 13–April 12 and I don’t want to have to be online so much while I’m there. This blog series is a joy for me to organize, but I will admit to you that it can be a lot of work, even with the shortcuts I’ve found in prepping posts and automating tweets. Even with that, I need a short break while I stay up in those mountains and write, write, write. (I also sort of want to not be on Twitter and Facebook for a while… personal reasons.) I have quite a few Turning Points posts in hand that you haven’t seen yet, but I will be holding them for the second wave of the Turning Points series, which will start up again May.

But wait, you ask. You’re back from the colony in mid-April. What about those last two weeks of April?

That is saved for something special. I’ll be featuring a series of interviews with Summer 2012 YA Debut Authors, all about their debuts that I cannot wait to read. These are the books I’m so looking forward to this summer, and I’m excited to share them with you. The Summer 2012 YA Debut Interview Series starts April 16.

I’ve been asked if I’ll blog about my experience at the colony, as I’ve done before with Yaddo and MacDowell. I might. Or I might not. It depends on how I feel about the existence of the internet once I get there.

Now I have a favor to ask of you…

I would love your feedback about the Turning Points series: How are you liking it? What could I do differently? Do you have ideas about how I could better promote it so the wonderful posts find more readers? Do you like it when the posts have giveaways? Will you still read if they don’t? Do you have ideas for themes for a future blog series? Would you somehow want to help me? Feel free to leave a comment below—or you can email me directly using this contact form. If you want to tell me something anonymously, you can use my Tumblr ask box, I guess, but what anonymous thing would you want to tell me? If I don’t reply right away, please see Paragraph 1, with apologies, and thanks.

Thank you, blog readers. More Turning Points starting Monday…


14 responses to “The “Turning Points” Series Hiatus. Why? So I Can Write.”

  1. Even though it’s obvious, I’ll tell you anyway. I love this series, and it has been a great opportunity for me to get to know other writers; ones who have found the level of achievement I look forward to some day. Thank you for all the work you put into this. You are a very generous person, and I believe it will bear much fruit for you.

    Thank you again. A suggestion I have would be to split up your series posts. You may want to do a Turning Point post one day, then another series post, another day. That’s if you want to break things up a bit. As for the giveaways, I am sure they give the readers incentive to comment, but I am sure those touched by the post will comment whether or not there is one.

    Enjoy your residencies this year and keep your head down and plow forward. Thanks again.


    • Mieke, Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic reader of the series, and so wonderfully supportive! I appreciate it *so much*. I LOVE your idea of breaking up the posts with two alternating series themes!


  2. I really enjoy the Turning Point series – it’s one of the few blogs I read all the way through. I love getting to know what other authors have struggled with. The giveaways don’t matter to me that much; I’d read the series without them. Thanks!


  3. The Turning Points series has been a deluge of deep and surprising insights about the writing life. I’ve been so impressed at the breadth of different topics and experiences, and I’m loving the introduction to new writers. I live outside the US, so the giveaways aren’t relevant for me — I think the posts are fantastic even without them. In short, I’m a huge fan and so happy to hear you’re keeping it up.


  4. Love Turning Points and would love to see it continue. Each one has been very inspiring and a kick in the pants for me to keep moving forward! The Summer series with YA debit authors sounds great!

    Have fun at the retreat! Hopefully that and the hiatus from all the online madness will be just what you’re looking for. Peace and harmony always…


  5. I love this series so much, I want to thank you every time I read a new post! I personally do not read for the giveaways- I read these at work where my computer doesn’t even load the forms anyway. I just love to read about those inspiring moments when an author overcomes or achieves or realizes or whathaveyou. As an aspiring-author myself, some of these posts have come precisely when I needed to read them, and that is invaluable. So thank you!


  6. The series is fantastic for writers, readers, published authors, etc. You definitely have a good thing going on. The giveaway aspect is like icing on the cake. It doesn’t encourage me to read or comment, but I like to enter in case I get a nice surprise. Even if I don’t win, the author’s book is logged in my head for the next time I’m at the store. win-win, right?

    REALLY looking forward to the summer debut series. I like that you’re always switching things up. Sending lots of good vibes for your class, your retreat, and your deadlines. Thanks for helping to keep the community connected. peace.


  7. This series is fantastic and I’ve been fascinated by it from the beginning. I love learning about writers and seeing their personal stories. The giveaways are great, but I read regardless of whether there is one, and I’ve added many, many new books to my TBR list.

    I don’t really have any ideas for promotion above what you are already doing with twitter.

    Happy writing to you and good luck with your writing course. I hope we can get to read your new book soon. 🙂


  8. I really enjoy this blog series (read every entry), it’s great getting to know authors in this way. Thank you for all the work you put into the series (and your blog in general)! Oh, and of course giveaways are always great (and I can totally understand that you can’t make all of them international), but I’ll read every entry, giveaway included or not. I’m already looking forward to new Turning Points, and oh, to the Summer YA Debut Authors interviews as well!


  9. I love the series! It’s been such a big help at the most needed times. I don’t need the giveaways. The interviews are the gems. I apologize for not commenting more often about what a great resource it is. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

    Enjoy your time.


  10. Honestly, I absolutely LOVE this series. It’s been inspiring and amazing and I can’t wait for the next wave. In the meantime, have a wonderful writing residency! I hope you write loads and unwind too. 🙂


  11. I loved the Turnings Points series, it was very inspiring, but also just interesting to hear about other people’s journeys.

    Looking forward to the Summer debuts!


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