My Muse at the Artist Colony

Today, I:

  • Worked feverishly—and will continue to work—on something due in to my publisher this week.
  • Attempted to cook myself tofu for lunch and dinner and set off the smoke detector in the house kitchen. Awesome. See? I can barely survive without Thai takeout.
  • Finished the amazing new novel by my friend Cat Clarke: Torn, which came out this December in the UK and I wish would come out in the US (US editors, have you read this yet??). Tagline: “Four girls. One dead body. A whole lot of guilt.” So good!
  • Walked around all day in my writing sweater and writing pajamas and writing slippers, a combination of such hideousity I won’t capture it here.
  • Missed E.

But you want to know more about my muse, don’t you? I give you Lucky, the bunny who lives in the garden below the deck off my room:

I’ve never seen a bunny in person before as far as I can remember… and I’m wildly excited to have him living outside my sliding-glass door!

3 responses to “My Muse at the Artist Colony”

  1. Lauren says:

    Weren’t rabbit’s feet good luck? Perhaps this bunny is good luck for you!

  2. Elle says:

    Try feeding him some lettuce or carats. If he’s used to people, he’ll probably let you pet him!

  3. What a cute little bunny. 🙂

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