A Good, Creative Day

I finished the draft of a short story today, ate a cheese sandwich, did laundry, saw the lucky bunny outside my sliding-glass door (three times!), got a special care package containing my writers colony galoshes and more, took a short walk even though my bad ankle is bothering me, looked around at where I was, and just felt really happy to be here.

The Artists’ House, where I’m staying.
The Artists’ House at the top of the hill
The shortcut path between the Artists’ House and the Artists’ Barn
A view from the shortcut path
The Artists’ Barn
View from inside the Artists’ Barn (that blue there between the sky and the land is the Pacific Ocean!)
That really is a view of the Pacific! Wow.

Tonight after dinner and after the night’s presentation, I’ll make some revisions to the story. It’s due! Then what’s next when I turn it in? Can’t wait to find out.


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