I Walked with My Sister… and Raised $1,158!

Thank you to all the generous people who donated to support my walk for my sister in Walk MS: Philadelphia this weekend! I was surprised and so touched by all the people who reached out and donated, and I hope you know much much it meant to me.

My fund-raising goal started out small… but when I quickly reached it within an hour, I raised it. Then raised it again. I’m astounded at how much I raised.

My sister Laurel Rose and me. I love her so much.

I can hardly believe my eyes, but I raised a total of $1,158, all to help my sister’s local chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which assists local people living with MS and funds research for a cure. Because I’d raised so much, I was a VIP walker!

And in total my sister’s team—Rose’s Team—raised $4,175! Wow!

Rose’s Team! My sister and the family and friends who love her.

I’m happy to have raised so much, but what meant the most to me was to be on my sister’s side during this walk. She means everything to me, and all I want is for there to someday be a cure for her. On the day of the walk, she was surrounded by family and friends—including our adorable blond mom and her wonderful boyfriend (who I approve of) Dan—and she has so many people who love her!

My sister and her boyfriend during a Fig Newton break on the Walk.

And I know there were even more who couldn’t be there at the walk but who were there in spirit. Thank you to every single person who donated to support me and especially my little sister.

Here are some of us at the finish line. (My sister’s boyfriend makes the best faces in photos! Hilarious. And my mom and sister and are so cute together here.)

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