International Giveaway: Win a *Signed* Copy of FADE OUT (aka DANI NOIR)

DANI NOIR was published by S&S/Aladdin in 2009.

In just two weeks, something I didn’t expect to happen—the paperback release of my first published* novel, Dani Noiris actually going happen, for real. On June 5 Dani Noir will be released in paperback as… Fade Out!

Yes, Dani Noir has gone through a reinvention… a new title, a new cover, new updates to the story, and now a new audience… because the new edition of the book is being released for the YA shelves!

I’m so very grateful** the book has this second chance at life!

And I’m about to give away two signed copies of the beautiful paperback… so keep reading!

Here’s what the publisher Simon Pulse says about the story:

Life echoes art in this sassy, heartwrenching coming-of-age story from the author of Imaginary Girls.

It’s summer and Dani Callanzano has been abandoned by everyone she knows. Her dad moved out, her mom is all preoccupied being broken-hearted, and her closest friend just moved away. Basically it’s the end of the world.

At least she has the Little Art, her favorite local arthouse movie theater. Dani loves all the old black-and-white noir thrillers with their damsels in distress and their low camera angles. It also doesn’t hurt that Jackson, the guy who works the projection reel, is super cute and nice and funny. And completely off-limits, of course—he’s Dani’s friend’s boyfriend, and they are totally, utterly perfect together.

But one day, Dani stumbles across a shocking secret about Jackson—a secret too terrible for her to keep. She finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle with enough drama to rival the noir-est film noir she’s ever seen.

Fade Out will be in stores on June 5! And in the meantime, to celebrate, I’m giving away two signed & personalized copies to two winners—and this giveaway is international! (This giveaway closes Tuesday, May 29, at 8pm EST.)

How can you enter, you ask? Well, there’s something you should know about this book: The narrator Dani is harboring a bit of an obsession with a famous actress, a true femme fatale in her eyes and the kind of woman she aspires to be: Rita Hayworth, star of noir classics like Gilda and The Lady from Shanghai.

So to enter the giveaway, tell me your favorite movie star—and tell me why!

You can enter by commenting on this post—or if you’re ashamed to reveal your movie-star obsession so publicly, you can still enter by filling out this more private entry form. (Makes you wonder who’s going to use the entry form, right?)

* Dani Noir isn’t the first novel I wrote—and it’s not the first novel I published—but it is the first novel I published under my own name!

** Fade Out is all thanks to my Simon Pulse editor, Anica Mrose Rissi, who is truly awesome for believing in Dani Noir enough to give it this chance to find new readers (not to mention the stunning, cinematic new cover). Thank you, Anica!

Leave a comment for a chance to win… Who’s your favorite movie star and why?

71 responses to “International Giveaway: Win a *Signed* Copy of FADE OUT (aka DANI NOIR)”

  1. Marilyn Monroe! 🙂 God, I love her so much. She’s the perfect example of what Heath Ledger would have been in the 1950s. She’s gorgeous and her past may seem shady but she’s just so misunderstood! I’ve been reading her memoirs and watching SMASH and the perceptions of her and they all differ. She’s a brilliant actress – and so often has her sex icon status overshadowed her amazing acting talent. She was amazing in THE MISFITS and her work in THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH was fantastic. People took advantage of her giveaway trust and used it to profit – killing her in the end. But the best thing about her was that despite all that pain and all the drama and sadness that pervaded her life, she still lives beyond them. She outlasted every single person who had a hand in her death and the sucking of her soul and she is the one who is famous now, not her manager, not any of her husbands and certainly not the cutthroat reporters that scorned her. She was beautiful and she was, I think, the embodiment of the zeitgeist of the the era.

  2. Nova, my favorite actress is no secret: I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn. From her first Hollywood movie, ROMAN HOLIDAY, through BREAKFAST AT TIFFANI’S, MY FAIR LADY, WAIT UNTIL DARK, and ROBIN AND MARIAN (I’d love to list all her movies!) she was at once innocent, elegant, and kind, yet her characters had a determined spirit that helped them cope with whatever the movie script threw at them. And that was Audry, too.

    She was beautiful without being threatening, and she carried herself like royalty (something her early ballet training helped instill in her). Her gentle and generous spirit was the real thing, not something put on for personal appearances and photo-ops. Today’s reality-TV celebrities would do well to take a page out of her book. Or, better yet, take the whole book.

    • Oops, forgot why.

      Audrey is just amazing. She made a ton of movies that I adore, with MY FAIR LADY being my favorite, even though she didn’t get to do her own singing. I also love ROMAN HOLIDAY, even though the ending always makes me sad. Gregory Peck was such a gorgeous man. Sigh. Pretty much every Audrey Hepburn movie I’ve seen has been amazing. And she’s just so damn beautiful and classy.

      Anne Hathaway has made a fair amount of movies that I’m not a big fan of, like BECOMING JANE. However, I think I will always love her because she was so perfect for THE PRINCESS DIARIES. She also tends to choose films that appeal to me, so I always want to see anything new that she’s in. So that’s my slightly shameful answer. She’s just so sweet and funny. She’s one of those actors I feel would actually be nice if you met in real life.

  3. Definitely Katharine Hepburn. LOVE. HER. Both her characters and her real-life self were so fierce, elegant, intelligent, and independent. And I love how, when she goes off on a tear and starts yelling at someone, her eyes flash like lightning. Guh. Now I want to go watch The Philadelphia Story for the umpteenth time!

    Congrats on Dani Noir/Fade Out, Nova! I can’t wait to pick up a copy. 🙂 (Or win one . . . *fingers crossed!*)

  4. Audrey Hepburn is definitely my favorite because she’s always strong, independent, and funny. I also have a soft spot for Doris Day (for being the first and best rom-com star) and Debbie Reynolds because I LOVED the Tammy movies when I was younger. I used to watch those over and over again.

  5. My favorite movie ‘star’ is, yes, Dolph Lungren. He is so very vad, and so inept, and so ridiculous. There is no redeeming quality to him, and yet he persists. One can’t help but love the camp.

  6. I love Audrey Hepburn! Her genuinge smile, her elegance, the way she moved and acted…how could you not love her? She was the epithome of human perfection, to me.

  7. Audrey Hepburn just always seemed like such a perfect, lady. Even in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when she played a character who, in the book at least, was a hooker, she carried herself with grace and propriety and she was always amazing.

  8. Matt Damon. I think I’ve seen almost everything he was in, well, except the one where he was a conjoined twin to Greg Kinnear. He has this down to earth style of acting, that’s just very engaging. I almost feel like I’d grown up alongside him. He played teen roles when I was a teen. He played early adult roles while I was that age too. Now that I’m in my middle (ahem) adult years, he plays one in We Bought A Zoo. When I’m old, he’ll be playing grandfather roles, too. He is one of those actors that will quite possibly work forever.

  9. Anthony Hopkins! God I just love him. I mean, yeah he’s getting up there in age, but everything he does it just spectacular! I first saw him in The Silence of the Lambs, and man did he kill in that movie (pun intended, yes)! He’s just so talented and he takes his job seriously, like, he really plays the character. He doesn’t do a half-assed job like you sometimes see in a movie.

  10. My favorite actress is Diane Keaton! I love her earlier films and I love all the movies she’s in now, but what really got me to pick her as my favorite is that she’s always smart, sure of herself, and not afraid to be different. In her movies and in real life.

    Thanks so much!

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  11. I absolutely love Leonardo DiCaprio. I know…but it’s not for the reason you think. I think his acting ability is by far better than most in Hollywood today. He really embodies every character to the fullest. I cannot bloody wait for The Great Gatsby. It’s bound to be terrific!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  12. Love the new cover and title! It looks beautiful! Can’t wait to read it!

    Me, I’ve always had a love for Doris Day. I love to escape in a movie that I know is going to end happily. And I love musicals too, so she hits two buttons for me. She’s also a pretty cool person (look her up sometime). And hey, she got to kiss Cary Grant and Rock Hudson!

  13. Ginger Rogers, I just love watching her dance and she has great comic timing. Whenever I need cheering up I watch a Fred & Ginger Movie – never fails! 🙂

  14. My favorite is Vivien Leigh. That woman went for things. She always knew what she wanted and never let anything stop her from trying. She had so much passion, so much energy and drive. She also had illness and rage and deep, deep doubt. But she was beautiful and stunning and I love her. (Also, my mom decided to spell my middle name “Leigh” because of her.) Cool giveaway!

  15. I’m going to be cliche and say Audrey Hepburn. I feel in love with her after my Mom gave me a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Then I fell in love with her again in Roman Holiday. Basically, Audrey is amazing, not simply because she’s a talented actress, but because she’s a good person. She had her head on straight and viewed life in an admirable way. Other than her I really don’t have a favorite actor. I really wish I did. I can tell you why Sara Bareilles is the most amazing singer right now, but I come up blank on actors.

  16. This is so interesting because “movie star” seems so synonymous with days gone by. But for me right now, I love Emma Watson forever for being Hermione. And being a lovely person, it seems too.

  17. Oh my word I am completely a d utterly so excited! (could possibly be that I ran out of books to read) My favorite actress of all time is Audrey Hepburn! She is the woman id like to become! She so down to earth and her star light still hasn’t dimmed.

  18. Johny Depp. Don’t even ask why. You know why.

    Okay, my reason is simple. He is sexy. Really sexy. Totally eye-candy. t.t Plus I love his face expressions.

  19. Yey!!!!!!!! for the paperback!!! >.<
    And, my favorite actress used to be Katie Holmes… I mean… Dawson's Creek was my whole childhood and part of my teen years haha but lately I have't been a huge fan of her acting skills on her movies. Then I remembered that secretly and silently I've watched every single movie Kristen Stewart has ever made!! Each and every single movie. And I've loved them all!!
    Specially Speak! That movie right there…I cried a lot!!!!!!
    Also, The Runaways…
    I really don't know why I like her as an actress, maybe because she has done both indie and huge films while managing to be good at both, plus I love how she is just like any other 22 year-old out there… 😀

    Oh!!! Her style as well!!
    So yeap, I think Kristen's my favorite actress…

  20. I love Cate (Cathering Elise) Blanchett! She is as gorgeous as she is elegant and gifted as an actress. She has the grace and beauty of classic Hollywood and its former starlets, but she is just as strong an A-lister of the modern movie inductry. She exudes a quiet elegance, but a strong, empowering grace that demands both attention and applause. Most, if not all her roles have been taken seriously, have been nominated for acclaimed awards, and gives her characters a dimension of dual strength and vulnerability. And yet, with all this success, Cate Blanchett is able to stay grounded in her attitude towards her fans, her career, and her craft.

    Zara Alexis

  21. My favorite movie star/actor is Daniel Radcliffe:) I am the BIGGEST HP fan ever!!! I just love anything Harry Potter. I remember watching the first HP movie with the star Daniel Radcliffe(aks Harry Potter) when i was about 8 or 9:) The biggest reason why he’s my favorite actor is because i basically grew up with his movies:)

  22. Ohhh, I really really want to win this book of yours 😀 Thank you so much for this giveaway. ❤ 🙂 My favorite movie star is Robert Pattinson. I just love him. He is the best actor there is, and he is just so gorgeous. 🙂 Don't know how else to describe him. Other than him being perfect. And I love all the movies he has done; because he is an incredible actor. 🙂 ❤
    Love, Carina

  23. Jimmy Stewart! Have you ever seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? I wish real-life politicians could show that kind of passion and integrity.

  24. It’s not very cool but my favourite actress is Sandra Bullock. I like that although she primarily does romantic comedies (my guilty pleasure) they’re never about the girl who can’t wait to get married or have women who sacrifice everything for their men. I think the way she handled the disaster of her private life was graceful and she rescues disabled dogs!

  25. So looking forward to this book! I asked my library to buy it, hope I’ll be able to read it soon.
    My favourite actress is Emma Watson. Her Hermione was just so amazing, and I love Emma’s wit and style. I also like Julia Hummer (a German actress and musician) a lot. I’ve been lucky to meet her in person, and she’s got unbelievable charisma.

  26. Ava Gardner. She had brains, beauty, and balls (the figurative kind). What a woman!

  27. I love, love, love Colin Firth and Kate Winslet. Yes, I couldn’t name just one! Hello, they’re an amazing actress and actor who work hard at their craft, so of course, it should be hard to pick just one!

  28. Kate Winslet. Definitely. I love her because she seems real. Absolutely LOVED “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (my fav movie!).
    Oh! I so want to win!!! I started reading the sample on my Kindle and keep thinking…I NEED this book. It’s the voice. I keep remembering the voice…and the scene on the rooftop.

  29. this is essentially an impossible question. There are so many great ones. Audrey Hepburn comes to mind, as far as my favorite old timey movie star. She is so elegant and classy and just the epitome of femininity. My current favorite is Carey Mulligan, because she is basically a modern day Audrey Hepburn, plus she is so incredibly talented. So poised and understated. And she’s married to Marcus Mumford.

  30. Jimmy stewart. How could it be anyone else? What other actor is more endearing? And his range, which seems so slim at first thought, is actually quite broad, when you consider his youngest roles in contrast to his Hitchcock work. And, of course, he starred in Harvey, which is worth a million points.

  31. I love Gregory Peck. Atticus Finch–now there is a man of honor. And a voice with passion and compassion. Roman Holiday. This man, he had it all.

  32. Nova,
    I love the new cover! I am intrigued and ready to read Fade Out:)

    My obsession, I mean…favorite actor? That would have to be Brad Pitt.
    Gorgeous? Check. Talented? Check. Intelligent? Check.
    We’ll just forget about him being attached to that famous actress, oh what’s her name.
    Anything Brad stars in, I watch. No matter what movie it is, he breathes life into his characters. My favorite movie of his…well it’s a tie between Legends of the Fall (he’s hot with long hair) and Fight Club (such a bad boy).

  33. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. I like how realistic and creative he is when it comes to acting. I feel like he actually is a man with scissors for hands, or a pirate captain. His acting, in my opinion is very very good. He seems quite passionate about his work, and it is clearly seen in his numerous films.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. honestly, i think my favorite is james dean. rebel without a cause is like the best movie ever. if only he had stayed alive longer because there is not near enough things that he’s done. Also, i’m not gonna lie, his looks aren’t so bad either : )

  35. Well, you know how much I loved DANI NOIR, Nova, so I’m so excited for this new release too!

    I love Audrey like everyone, but I also tend toward the male movie stars. Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart. Ahhhhh.

  36. Johnny Depp. He possesses an uncanny ability to make me BELIEVE he is who he is portraying. Johnny Depp ceases to exist and instead, Captain Jack or Willy Wonka or Mort Rainey are born.

    He is a master of the art.

  37. Honestly, I don’t truly have a “favorite” movie star per-say. Just a load of actors and actresses who’s films I enjoy and respect. But to answer the question: currently I am obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They play Sherlock and Watson in the BBC Sherlock and are exceptional. Benedict plays Sherlock so creatively and uniquely that I don’t believe any other Sherlock re-incarnations will ever measure up (besides Basil Rathbone). And Martin’s range of talent is so vast, he continues to surprise me. They both, although different, are able to portray characters that become entities in themselves. Bravo boys, Bravo.

    (And to me, the BBC Sherlock is a set of three movies. So.)

  38. Hmm I guess another one of my favorite actresses is Julia Robert. She plays such strong and empowering roles. My all time favorite movie from her, besides Pretty Woman is Eat, Pray, Love.

  39. I don’t have a favorite movie star, but I do love old movies. I will definitely have to check out this book – it sounds so wonderful. Thanks for writing and for keeping up this blog. It’s so inspiring!

  40. I love Johnny Depp, he’s acting skill is so amazing, he always acts for different roles. And other fact, he’s sexy, great kisser (I heard so many times, how I wish I know that fact “by myself” :))
    For woman I like Charlize Theron, her acting skill is wonderful too, and she’ s beautiful 😉

  41. I would have to say my favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. I love some of the movies that she plays in. She plays such strong roles like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Jane Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The investigator in Taking Lives, and the assassin in The Wanted. I’m she has had roles where she is not so strong, but those roles are my favorites. Plus I like that she can balance everything in her life so gracefully.

    Thanks for holding the giveaway!

  42. I don’t know that I have a favorite actor/actress, mainly because I get attached to the character played (and thus the skill and nuance that went into it) but not necessarily the person behind it. I’ve always enjoyed Kevin Spacey for his chops and versatility. I don’t think there’s been a film he’s done that I don’t like. I know he does theatre in London now, and I hope to see it next year, but I do miss his film works.

  43. Gotta be Orson Welles. Anybody who’s seen Citizen Kane knows why. He was only 25 when he made it but he played every age from 19 to 70 with subtlety, range, and POWER. His writing and directing chops are unbelievable. And he was flipping FUNNY. When I studied abroad in Paris, I went to an Orson Welles film festival. None of his other movies quite stands up next to Citizen Kane, but MAN did that guy have talent.

    Second place goes to Gene Kelly for always making me cheerier, and third to Marlon Brando for being extremely attractive (in the 1950s).

  44. Oh man I have so many. Meryl Streep, Ben Kingsley, Maggie Smith, Ryan Gosling, Stanley Tucci, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Helena Bonham-Carter, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Emma Stone just to name a few. As for younger talent I love Anna Sophia Robb fan and I’ve been a huge Josh Hutcherson fan for years. Oh and of course who can’t be a Jennifer Lawrence fan after her amazing portrayal of Katniss.

    Oh and I also LOVE Jimmy Stewart! Old movie stars rock. 😀

  45. My current movie star obsession has to be Alex Pettyfer. I blame 2 movies for that! I am number four and beastly!!!! I’ve been watching them way more than I’d like to admit! lol! And I CANT WAIT to see Magic Mike!! Woot! Thats gonna be one awesome movie! 😉

  46. My favourite movie star is Emily Browning! She’s got such exotic looks that make her so gorgeous & I think she’s underrated as an actress. She is just so down to earth & has that “I don’t care” attitude =) x

  47. Ah, my favorite has to be Emma Watson. I love her poise, sophistication, and raw edginess. Plus, I love her pixie cut and British Accent! And the fact that she was in Harry Potter doesn’t hurt either. 😉

  48. Robert Downey, Junior. What can I say – I was in high school in the ’80s. He just gets better.

  49. Ever since Brideshead Revisited, I have been a huge admirer of Anthony Andrews. His work has included The Scarlet Pimpernel and playing the Prince of Wales with Jane Seymour as Wallis Simpson as well as various UK and PBS series.

  50. I don’t know if I have a favorite actor! I love so many! Benedict Cumberbatch (spelling?) and Matt Smith and David Tennat and Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe, the list goes on an on. Any actor that can make me laugh and can help me forget about things for a while is a great actor in my book! 🙂 Plus, the fact that they are all attractive helps 😉

  51. “You know how to whistle, don’tchaya?”
    Lauren Bacall with good old Humphrey! And while I’m going down the lane of the “oldies,” clearly inspired by the photo above…remember Mae West?
    “When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.” WHAT A SPITFIRE! She was a real hoot! I LOVE old movies!
    Congrats on your re-release. Can’t wait!

  52. Emma Stone. At first I was blank, my heart knew but my brain wasn’t working and was all BLAH but then I finally remembered. Emma Stone is funny, brilliant, silly, beautiful, kind, smart and gorgeous. She is so stunning and I love how she embraces her craziness, it’s lovely. Her personality is epic. Oh how I love her. I could go on, fangirl some more, do a dance but let me just say thank you so much for the giveaway! Your book sounds fab 🙂 Congratulations!

  53. I could say that my favourite movie star is Natalie Portman based on her performance in Black Swan alone. I love books and films that have that feeling of psychological torment, in an almost elegantly, creepy sense. I had a similar feeling when I read ‘Imaginary Girls’, your book is brilliant, I don’t know of it was just my interpretation but I felt like I was in another world.

    I also have to mention Carey Mulligan. Her choice in the roles she plays are always fantastic. Her movies such as An Education and Never Let Me Go are marvelously challenging and thought provoking. She has a believability about her and her approach to portraying a character always has depth and grace.

    Thank you for writing great books and hosting this giveaway!

  54. I love Audrey Hepburn too, she was so elegant and classy. I adore her in ROMAN HOLIDAY and SABRINA FAIR. Which stars another favourite Humphrey Bogart. I also have a soft spot for Emma Thompson, who is an amazing actress.

    Thank you for the giveaway and for making it International.

  55. I’d have to go with Matt Damon. Is there a role he can’t play? I love him in everything I’ve seen him in. He just seems to slide into characters so easily. I’ve never thought of him as just one certain character, because he plays so many different kinds.

  56. I love international movies more than Hollywood ones… so my favorite is a South Korean actor named Gong Yoo. Spot on acting abilities. Ive seen everything hes done and i always believe every character he works to portray. Im SUPER DUPER excited for the newest tv drama i heard hes been casted in. Plus, its nice that hes very handsome *___*

  57. I’m going to be that super cool, classy lady and say . . . AnnaSophia Robb. Why? Because she was just so darn cute in Because of Winn-Dixie. She brought an amazing character to life and I love that movie. She has popped up in other book-to-film adaptions, like Bridge to Terabithia and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Soul Surfer, and she’s just fantastic in everything I’ve seen.

  58. Robert Downey Junior. Because he’s beautiful and awesome. And because the way he rebuilt his life from the ground up gives me hope.

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