When You Wish You Were Another Writer

Why can’t I write ________? faster? sexier? shorter? BIGGER? better? Why can’t I write books like the ones _______ writes? Libba Bray? Gayle Forman? John Green? Sara Zarr? Holly Black? Karen Russell? Those are just a few of my fill-in-the-blanks, and I’m sure you can slip in your own words or author names to finishContinue reading “When You Wish You Were Another Writer”

Turning Points: Guest Post by Claire Legrand (+Giveaway)

The Turning Points blog series is back with more guest posts! I’ve asked authors the question: What was your turning point as a writer? Here is debut author Claire Legrand revealing hers… Guest post by Claire Legrand My turning point didn’t come when I wrote the book that got me a publishing contract. It came with the bookContinue reading “Turning Points: Guest Post by Claire Legrand (+Giveaway)”

Finding Your Writing Confidantes

For the longest time after grad school, maybe in reaction to being workshopped so much I could hear twelve different responses to every line I put down on the page, I crawled into myself and stopped showing my writing to very many people. Friends would have to beg to read it, and even then, onceContinue reading “Finding Your Writing Confidantes”

Confessions of the Overwhelmed

I’ve been apologizing left and right for not being able to keep up with plans for this blog, and I think it’s time for a more public apology here. While I did plan to start up the Turning Points series again once I came home—full of guest blogs from amazing writers, many I solicited andContinue reading “Confessions of the Overwhelmed”

More Summer 2012 Debut Giveaway Winners!

It’s time to announce the rest of the winners for the Summer 2012 YA Debut Interview series! Maybe it’s YOU… Did you win a Summer 2012 debut? The TWO WINNERS of *signed and personalized* hardcovers of False Memory by debut author Dan Krokos, to be mailed when finished copies are available in August are… ChristineContinue reading “More Summer 2012 Debut Giveaway Winners!”

I Walked with My Sister… and Raised $1,158!

Thank you to all the generous people who donated to support my walk for my sister in Walk MS: Philadelphia this weekend! I was surprised and so touched by all the people who reached out and donated, and I hope you know much much it meant to me. My fund-raising goal started out small… butContinue reading “I Walked with My Sister… and Raised $1,158!”

Win the Summer 2012 Debut of Your Choice! (International!)

Thank you to everyone who read the Summer 2012 Debut Interview series! To say thanks, I have one last giveaway—and this one is international. To enter, just fill out the form in this post and choose which Summer 2012 debut you’d most like to win. I will mail the book to the winner once itContinue reading “Win the Summer 2012 Debut of Your Choice! (International!)”