International Giveaway: IMAGINARY GIRLS Signed Paperback!

The new paperback edition of my debut YA novel Imaginary Girls is on sale in the US and Canada tomorrow, and to celebrate, I am giving away two signed and personalized copies. I’ll pick one winner in the US and one international winner (anywhere in the world!).

Giveaway closes Thursday, June 21, at 8pm EST. Good luck!


The US winner is… Ashlie Swainston

And the international winner is… Jade Walker

Congrats to both of the winners! I will email for your mailing addresses.

And thank you to everyone who entered—I was overwhelmed by the huge response. Thank you! 

9 thoughts on “International Giveaway: IMAGINARY GIRLS Signed Paperback!

  1. Yaaaaaay for the paperback release!! I am so excited to get this one with the new cover (one way or another) to sit on my shelf next to to the hardback! =) Congrats, Nova!! <333

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