When the Book Stops Being Mine and Becomes Yours
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When the Book Stops Being Mine and Becomes Yours

I’m spending the month of August in limbo. Part of this is due to my Macbook breaking, which kind of derailed my plan to spend all of August offline at a café writing retreat of my own making, but I will restrain myself from complaining about that here. (And also, as of yesterday, E fixed it … Continue reading

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In Which I Read IMAGINARY GIRLS for the Last (?) Time, Finish My Book, and Recover from Writer Space Camp

I got back from the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in Laramie, Wyoming, on Sunday night, where I learned so many things, met some great people, and where my laptop broke (sob! more on that in a moment). The first day I was home, on Monday, I was rewarded with my copyedits for 17 & Gone! … Continue reading