My Upcoming Presentation at KidLitCon

If you’ll be at the Kidlitosphere Conference at the New York Public Library this weekend, look for me there! You’ll find me giving a presentation on blog series with the amazing Kelly Jensen from STACKED on Saturday at 12 noon—we have a great talk prepared for you and can’t wait!

And if you’re a blogger/reviewer/librarian/reader who has any interest in my upcoming 2013 novel, 17 & Gone, you should stick around and come up to me at the very end of that presentation. I’ll have ten *signed* 17 & Gone ARCs to give away to those who want one, which means you’ll get a hold of an ARC way early.

The ARC mailing to bloggers will likely be going out end of November! So this way, you’ll have an ARC two months earlier than most…

…And if I have any ARCs left over, I’ll give the rest away on this blog. I’ll let you know.

Hope to see some of you at KidLitCon! Just heard registration is full, wow!


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