At the Millay Colony

I should save all my words for my brief time here at Millay. But here are some photos.

I always feel strange and unhinged when I’m leaving the city.
But the landscape up here in Austerlitz, NY, quiets my mind. And that can only be good for a writing retreat.
This is where I am. Seven other artists are here, too.
This beauty is outside the door to the main building.
I was days late in arriving, and all the other artists were already here and settled. But there was a room waiting for me.
And this room had a writing table and a view.
My first morning, I wrote a paragraph and then went exploring. I thought I’d be writing in this barn, but not this time. Will I ever be able to say I wrote a novel in a barn??
This little guy decided to show me around the property.
I mean it. He led me around like a little tour guide and waited for me if I lagged too far behind.
I stayed out of the woods, because I heard it’s hunting season. We were warned.
This is where the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay lived. I used to have her poems taped to my bedroom walls when I was in high school.
She entertained here.
Vincent’s windows.
My tour guide showed me all the little spots of interest on the property.
And then my tour guide took me back to the main house so I could write more than just one paragraph. Good dog.
Two dogs are here, actually. I think they love each other.
Back in my writing studio, I looked at some of the names of people who stayed here.
I set up a reading corner. (Hello, MIND GAMES by Kiersten White!)
And I bounced on that ball for a while and settled in. This is the fourth writing retreat to witness the great writing sweater hanging on the back of that chair. It’s hideous, and I love it.
I give you… the rest of my Writing Outfit. I know. Can you contain yourself from the awesomeness? (I am so colorful when I write… but in real life I wear mostly black and gray. Interesting.)
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