In Which I Part with My Very Last ARC of 17 & GONE for Real, I Mean It, I Can’t Keep It Forever (Can I?)

Earlier this month I held a giveaway for my very last ARC of 17 & Gone, and then I had trouble parting with it and couldn’t choose a winner from all the great entries that came in via the private entry form and also in the comments. Really, it was so hard to choose!

The Magic 8 Ball helped me choose a winner. The Magic 8 Ball is also brutally honest and kind of mean sometimes, so we'll see how this works out!
The Magic 8 Ball helped me choose a winner. The Magic 8 Ball is also brutally honest and kind of mean sometimes, so we’ll see how this works out.

I finally narrowed down the entries to 25 people whose reasons for wanting my last ARC made me smile, or touched me somehow, or simply made me want to run over and hand them a copy of the book right away. I wish I had more ARCs.

From those 25 “semi-finalists” (haha, I take myself too seriously sometimes) I agonized and agonized and randomly narrowed it down some more, because I have one ARC to give away, not 25!

Then I randomly chose one winner…

Congratulations, Penny!

I will email you for your mailing address and a signed ARC is yours!

But since there are so many of you who really wanted to read this book and who I really wish I could give an ARC to, I will also give out some 17 & Gone swag. This is on order, so you won’t get it for another month or so, but you will get it. Swag includes: a bookmark, a card, and a signed bookplate you could use for any of my books.

I randomly picked ten people, and those people are…

Alyssa Susanna (The Eater of Books!)




JQ Trotter




Miri E

Valen Steel

If your name is on that list, look for an email from me asking for your mailing address. Or beat me to it, and email me.

If you didn’t get an ARC or swag, keep your eyes peeled for one last giveaway in March—where you could win signed finished copies of the book and signed bookplates and other stuff I’ll tell you about later. Thank you so much to everyone who wants to read the book when it comes out on March 21!

And congrats again to Penny—the winner of my very last ARC!

p.s. I heard a rumor (and I have no idea if this is true, but we authors often chase after strange rumors) that if you click the “like” button on my book’s Amazon page, it helps the book or something. So if you want to read the book and you have an Amazon account, would you “like” it for me?


  1. Thank you so much for this contest, Nova!!! You’ve really made my day with it!!! In fact, it’s made me so happy that I can’t control my exclamation marks right now!!! I really can’t wait to read 17 & Gone, and am looking forward to its official launch day!!! *does a happy dance*

  2. Yay! I never win anything, this breaks my streak of never winning everything! I’ll email you now. Thanks, Nova for doing these giveaways!

  3. Congratulations, Penny!
    And thank you for picking me as one of the winners of the swag 🙂 I’m so exacted!! I’ve already liked 17 & Gone on amazon and have it on order from my local indie book store so I’ll have it the day it comes out. So exacted. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

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