The Writing That Comes Before All the Writing: On Outlining

I used to be a dedicated outliner. My outlines for novels would take up dozens and dozens of pages, come with color-coded notes to myself (this has been written and you don’t need to worry about it anymore = blue ; not sure of this, but you’ll come up with something better when you writeContinue reading “The Writing That Comes Before All the Writing: On Outlining”

17 & GONE in Australia: Cover Reveal!

I’m really excited to tell you that 17 & Gone is coming out in Australia and New Zealand in July 2013 from Hardie Grant Egmont—and the book will have its own cover there! And oh, wow, do I love this cover image. It’s the kind of image I envisioned while I was writing this book…Continue reading “17 & GONE in Australia: Cover Reveal!”