Author Interview & Book Giveaway: INHERITANCE by Malinda Lo

Just last week, while I was away, the sequel to Malinda Lo‘s heart-pounding, gripping, sexy Adaptation series, Inheritance, entered the world—and now that I’m home I have an interview with Malinda to celebrate its release! I’ve asked Malinda to answer some of my favorite author interview questions, and here’s what she said… Scroll down toContinue reading “Author Interview & Book Giveaway: INHERITANCE by Malinda Lo”

The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words

I am home now, from a stroke of good luck: a two-week “emergency residency” at the MacDowell Colony, a perfect artists’ colony in New Hampshire. I decided to do something different while there. Instead of my usual slow, plodding pace for writing a first draft of a novel, where I circle in on myself and revise as IContinue reading “The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words”

A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave

I am writing my book. I have been writing my book for months and months. My book—the first draft—is due November 1. I’ve tried to make it easier on myself this time around… I can’t tell you that’s working. Why? BECAUSE NO BOOK IS EASY TO WRITE WHAT WAS I THINKING. I went away andContinue reading “A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave”