The Book of Your Heart Series: Justina Chen

When an author says a book she’s written is the Book of Her Heart, what does that mean? In this ongoing blog series, I’ve invited guest authors to reveal what they consider the Book of Their Heart—and share why this book holds a distinct and special place apart from all others they’ve written. Here, toContinue reading “The Book of Your Heart Series: Justina Chen”

More About the Cover of THE WALLS AROUND US

I am thrilled to share the gorgeous cover of my new novel, The Walls Around Us, which was revealed on Tumblr Books (the first-ever cover reveal by Tumblr!) on August 4! Here it is, and this author couldn’t be happier: This is a novel about killer ballerinas, a girls’ juvenile detention center, and yes, ghosts.Continue reading “More About the Cover of THE WALLS AROUND US”

Teasing Excerpts from THE WALLS AROUND US

Tomorrow—Monday, August 4!—my new book cover will be revealed on, and in the meantime, my publisher Algonquin has been sharing little teasers from the book, to hint at some secrets and to hopefully draw you in… Here are all the teasers my wonderful publisher has shared on Tumblr (each image links to the originalContinue reading “Teasing Excerpts from THE WALLS AROUND US”