The Two-Month Countdown and the One-Track Mind

Today is November 15. That means I have two months to finish* this Thing* and turn it in. *Just finish the first draft—there will be revisions! *See my previous post for why I feel safer calling it a Thing. For the TLDR lazypants who don’t feel like clicking: By Thing I mean my novel. SoContinue reading “The Two-Month Countdown and the One-Track Mind”

Writing a Novel and Seeking the Magic Fix

I am writing what will be my fifth published novel. Five is a number I like, so you’d think this would be a glorious experience, but nothing is ever as easy as I’d hope it to be, most of all writing. This novel I’m writing was originally slated to come out Spring 2016, a yearContinue reading “Writing a Novel and Seeking the Magic Fix”

The Book of Your Heart Series: Ryan Graudin

When an author says a book she’s written is the Book of Her Heart, what does that mean? In this completely irregular ongoing blog series, I’ve invited guest authors to reveal what they consider the Book of Their Heart—and share why this book holds a distinct and special place apart from all others they’ve written.Continue reading “The Book of Your Heart Series: Ryan Graudin”