Blog Series

What Inspires You?

The inspiration blog series in November 2011 featured guest blogs by writers including YA authors, adult fiction authors, poets, playwrights, and more, revealing what inspires them to write. Posts include Sara Zarr on being inspired by failure, the deeply inspiring “I Just Feel Like It Is Going in a Really Random Direction” by Alexander Chee, “The Art of Being Dumb” by Timothy Braun, on being an artist in a world of commerce by Gwarlingo founder Michelle Aldredge, on inspiration by Kathleen Duey, and so much more. Read the whole series here.

What Scares You?

For the month of October 2011, leading up to Halloween, YA authors and other writers revealed the books and ideas that scared them. Posts included Libba Bray on horror and including a conversation with Satan, a collection of “Things to Do When You’re Dead” by Camille DeAngelis, a chilling true-to-life ghost story from Nina LaCour, the most terrifying book Courtney Summers has ever read, Carrie Ryan on what makes a story scary, and many more creepy books that scared the living daylights out of YA authors you know and love. Read the whole series here.


For posts in the Turning Points series, visit this page.

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