The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building

Yesterday, I happened upon a paragraph from my graduate thesis, which had been a 500-page novel about my family. The paragraph was in a document from November of 2002. The last time I thought consciously about this project may well have been in November of 2002. I had forgotten that this paragraph existed. How couldContinue reading “The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building”

How I Came to Be

Seeing Lit Kitten’s mention of Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye jolted me. It’s been a long time since I read that book, so long I couldn’t recall a word of it. Still, I can’t say I’d be the person I am today (or the writer, which for me has become the same thing) if I hadn’tContinue reading “How I Came to Be”

5 Things About Hair, Books, Beer, Cities, and Love

I have been tagged to confess 5 things you didn’t know about me until now, so here you are… my 5 things, and I’ve gone ahead and added themes: (p.s. I sort of fell away from focusing on fashion.) (p.p.s. There is a certain someone who already knows everything.) 1. HAIR I cannot do myContinue reading “5 Things About Hair, Books, Beer, Cities, and Love”


is my birthday. Today is also the day I received (via email, via the account of her assistant) a rejection for my novel from a prominent agent who I had tangled myself up in hope thinking perhaps-maybe-you-never-know-i-could-be-lucky that she might like the thing this time. Email said no: my revisions were not enough. My heartContinue reading “Today”

What I Might Need in Order to Rewrite My Novel (Again)

1) A month off from work. I am not exaggerating; that’s how I did the last revision. And not just a month off from my full-time job, it was a month away from the frenzy of New York City, a month away from TV, a month away from the love of my life, which madeContinue reading “What I Might Need in Order to Rewrite My Novel (Again)”