Chasing Dreams, Literary Magazines, and Why Not Now?

Today I’m thinking about chasing long-held dreams and finally stopping all the excuses and the, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Or “Next year.” Or the vague but still hopeful “One day.” You see, this is a thing I do to myself, and have been doing for years. I have dreams of writing certain novels. Of movingContinue reading “Chasing Dreams, Literary Magazines, and Why Not Now?”

On Dreams and Hearts: In Which Someone Says Something So Much Better Than I Ever Could

I’d planned to blog today, and that blog was meant to be about my first writing love—literary fiction for adults, which I aspired to write since college—and how dreams shift and balloon and curl back in on themselves, and how dreams expand and take on new faces, and how your dreams change as you growContinue reading “On Dreams and Hearts: In Which Someone Says Something So Much Better Than I Ever Could”

Novel Confessions

Has anyone else had one of those catastrophic, apocalyptic dreams (mine, frighteningly, involved a city destroyed) and in the dream, during the panic, you’re running to safety and have no idea how you’ll stay alive or how you’ll get out and you think… you actually really think: Damn. The world’s ending and now my bookContinue reading “Novel Confessions”

The Dreams You Have When You’re Dreaming

I found this very inspiring yesterday: “Leap and the Net Will Appear.” Last night, feeling worn out in anticipation, I slept. I went to bed at ten o’clock. While I was sleeping, a text message came in from someone who’s been so supportive of me and my writing over the months in surprising, wonderful ways.Continue reading “The Dreams You Have When You’re Dreaming”

On My Scattered Mind

Some things crowding my head this Saturday morning: My new novel, obviously. Like constantly. Like at the worst moments, and the best moments, and when I’m trying to fall asleep, and when I’m showering, and making me almost miss my stop on the subway, and making me walk into strangers on the street, and dropContinue reading “On My Scattered Mind”

And Then… Sleep (+ Bonus Back Cover!)

I’ve been pushing myself for the past three weeks. May 1 was the day I picked my agent; three weeks later, May 22, was the day I turned in new chapters and revisions to the awesome agent after an hour of nerves over hitting Send. May 1, I had 25 pages; May 22, I hadContinue reading “And Then… Sleep (+ Bonus Back Cover!)”

Don’t Ask, But I’ll Tell

I cringe when asked how the novel’s coming, not sure why. I guess I’m trying not to panic myself at my slow progress. I should say my slow but steady progress. There is definite movement, words down on the page that I’m happy with, but it takes some deep thought to find the right wordsContinue reading “Don’t Ask, But I’ll Tell”