One Month from BOOK, and One Person Who Believed in Me

Today is May 14, which isn’t a holiday per se, but it does mean we are now one month exactly from the pub date of Imaginary Girls. In lieu of telling you how anxious and insecure I’ve been the closer we get to the pub date—I’ve deleted a whole post I was writing about this—IContinue reading “One Month from BOOK, and One Person Who Believed in Me”


This post is for the literary writers. The ones who fall in love with their sentences and can sometimes, you know, when a sentence is extra-pretty, forget that a world exists outside it. A world where THINGS HAPPEN. Yes, I am talking plot. Don’t run away! I’m scared of plot, too. But, wow, is itContinue reading “When I Realized SOMETHING Must HAPPEN”

The Day You’re Older

I’m older today. That’s right, the dreaded birthday has arrived. I was recently at a tax appointment with my first grown-up accountant (not that I used children to do my taxes before, only that this is the first time I am being a grown-up and using a pro accountant to do my taxes) and asContinue reading “The Day You’re Older”

The Day After I Hit SEND

Imaginary Girls is with my editor as of last night. Yes. I am done. I AM DONE! (Well, until it’s time for revisions… heh.) What a week. Last week at this time you would have found me staring at the pages of the novel, wary of how I’d ever finish editing and revising it inContinue reading “The Day After I Hit SEND”