A Good Day?

I had a decent day yesterday—some might even call it a fine day. A good day? I'll even say that. But first there was panic. It was early, still dark out, and I was leaving to go write at Starbucks before work when, as usual, I went to reach into the little blue ceramic holder … Continue reading A Good Day?

Bad Movie

We saw a terrible movie last night. It was so bad that about 9 minutes in, there were the silent looks between E and me—this is awful, isn't it? should I be the first one to say it?—and then soon after, and I don't remember who said it first, we were outright bad-mouthing it, with … Continue reading Bad Movie

Not Saturday

Today feels like Saturday. I could've sworn it was, when I awoke this morning, when I heard our upstairs neighbor stomping in her heels in her early-morning relay race to find a suitable outfit to wear (the girl wears her heels even to brush her teeth at night; I imagine them to be fuzzy-toed and … Continue reading Not Saturday


is my birthday. Today is also the day I received (via email, via the account of her assistant) a rejection for my novel from a prominent agent who I had tangled myself up in hope thinking perhaps-maybe-you-never-know-i-could-be-lucky that she might like the thing this time. Email said no: my revisions were not enough. My heart … Continue reading Today