On Ideas, Fragments of Ideas, and the Red Room

In my mind right now is a tiny little thing. It started smaller than a pea, just this miniature glob knocking around up in there, sometimes I’d notice it, but most times I’d just let it be. It’s this idea I have. For the past few days I had a headache, so I couldn’t thinkContinue reading “On Ideas, Fragments of Ideas, and the Red Room”

Distractions from Distractions

The practical thing would be to revise my novel. Or, I have a big project coming up, one I’m working on with another writer, and which I will be focusing on with great intensity the rest of this month. I should be getting a jump on that this morning, instead of residing in my usualContinue reading “Distractions from Distractions”

Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)

This morning I successfully awoke when the alarm went off, and I successfully stayed awake in the crucial minutes immediately after when I am tempted, oh so tempted, to stumble into the living room and collapse for a quickie morning nap on the couch. I stayed awake, I think because reality was pulling on myContinue reading “Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)”

“You’re my favorite writer.”

This is what E, my other half, just said to me. He then said: “I can’t wait to read all the books you’ll write. And I get to read them first.” He’s not one for empty compliments. And yes it’s true: everything I write, he reads it first. Being a writer has been the mostContinue reading ““You’re my favorite writer.””

Something to Make Me Laugh

I came home to a rejection letter in the mailbox. This one to a short story. Which one, who knows, I haven’t checked yet. Anyway, it’s one of those tiny little slips, like they squeezed as many as they could onto one sheet of paper and cut it up again and again. The standard “ThankContinue reading “Something to Make Me Laugh”


is my birthday. Today is also the day I received (via email, via the account of her assistant) a rejection for my novel from a prominent agent who I had tangled myself up in hope thinking perhaps-maybe-you-never-know-i-could-be-lucky that she might like the thing this time. Email said no: my revisions were not enough. My heartContinue reading “Today”