Your Particular Dream

A couple weeks ago, I was in Laramie, Wyoming, at the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop for Writers, learning about planets (!) and stars (!) and black holes (!) and the math (?##@???) astronomers use to measure how far away galaxies are from ours and being astounded by the infinite expanse of the universe (!!!)—and thisContinue reading “Your Particular Dream”

A Small Moment That Meant Everything

I’m immersing myself in some serious work on the novel this weekend, but I had to stop for a moment and share this story with you. Yesterday I went to go pick up a package at Penguin, the publisher of Imaginary Girls and my upcoming novel 17 & Gone. I live within walking distance to theContinue reading “A Small Moment That Meant Everything”

17 & GONE Cover and Plot Summary Revealed!

Will you strangle me if I write one of those giddy, long-winded blog posts authors sometimes write saying I have a new book cover to show you and then it takes, oh, 17 paragraphs to get to the actual cover and you just end up scrolling down to see it anyway? Don’t strangle me. IContinue reading “17 & GONE Cover and Plot Summary Revealed!”

On Chasing Ambition and Being a Girl and a Woman

I sometimes look around and realize I’m living a strange life—well, “strange” by the standards of what a woman in her thirties (I refuse to say the number out loud or write it down) might be living. I haven’t given my mom grandchildren. Every time I see her and I think of her with herContinue reading “On Chasing Ambition and Being a Girl and a Woman”

On Dreams and Hearts: In Which Someone Says Something So Much Better Than I Ever Could

I’d planned to blog today, and that blog was meant to be about my first writing love—literary fiction for adults, which I aspired to write since college—and how dreams shift and balloon and curl back in on themselves, and how dreams expand and take on new faces, and how your dreams change as you growContinue reading “On Dreams and Hearts: In Which Someone Says Something So Much Better Than I Ever Could”

When You Wish You Were Another Writer

Why can’t I write ________? faster? sexier? shorter? BIGGER? better? Why can’t I write books like the ones _______ writes? Libba Bray? Gayle Forman? John Green? Sara Zarr? Holly Black? Karen Russell? Those are just a few of my fill-in-the-blanks, and I’m sure you can slip in your own words or author names to finishContinue reading “When You Wish You Were Another Writer”

Let’s Pretend: My Summer Writing Fantasies

Now’s the time of year when I start thinking of all the summer could hold, and I start going overboard not with tropical vacation fantasies… with writing fantasies. Really. Summer workshop deadlines are coming up—and there are so many places to go, if only I could. If money (and references) were no object, if IContinue reading “Let’s Pretend: My Summer Writing Fantasies”

Appreciating Where I Am

I’ve been looking around lately at where I am, I think because I know I’m leaving soon. (I’ll be away for a month-long stay at an artists colony in the California mountains—and I leave in March!) I didn’t grow up here in New York City, but I’ve always been drawn to this city. Really IContinue reading “Appreciating Where I Am”

2012 Writing Resolutions Photographed

I’ve made my writing resolutions for 2012. I wanted them to be attainable goals, and by that I mean goals I could actually meet—without needing to rely on (or wait on, or hope on, or plead with) any other person outside myself. I do have dream-worthy things I wish would happen to my writing careerContinue reading “2012 Writing Resolutions Photographed”

Reading My Book in My Neighborhood Library

I have a favorite branch of the New York Public Library in Manhattan: the Jefferson Market branch on Sixth Avenue in the Village. I love the winding stone stairway, the high ceilings, the cool and airy rooms, and of course the selection of books. They have a great fiction section and a wonderful YA room.Continue reading “Reading My Book in My Neighborhood Library”