The Two-Month Countdown and the One-Track Mind

Today is November 15. That means I have two months to finish* this Thing* and turn it in. *Just finish the first draft—there will be revisions! *See my previous post for why I feel safer calling it a Thing. For the TLDR lazypants who don’t feel like clicking: By Thing I mean my novel. SoContinue reading “The Two-Month Countdown and the One-Track Mind”

Writing a Novel and Seeking the Magic Fix

I am writing what will be my fifth published novel. Five is a number I like, so you’d think this would be a glorious experience, but nothing is ever as easy as I’d hope it to be, most of all writing. This novel I’m writing was originally slated to come out Spring 2016, a yearContinue reading “Writing a Novel and Seeking the Magic Fix”

Facing Down the Doubt Monster

Oh, fellow writers. So, while I work on the revision of what will be my fourth published novel (my sixth written novel, and none of this is counting any of the work-for-hire novels I’ve ghostwritten), I look up and keep seeing this ugly face in the mirror. Doubt. I thought, by now, now I’m writingContinue reading “Facing Down the Doubt Monster”

On Deadlines (Oh, How I Love a Solid Deadline)

First off, in case I haven’t been talking about it enough and boring you with it, I have a deadline. You haven’t heard? So it’s November 1, and it’s the deadline to turn in the first official draft of my new novel to my new publisher. The book was sold on proposal, which means IContinue reading “On Deadlines (Oh, How I Love a Solid Deadline)”

The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words

I am home now, from a stroke of good luck: a two-week “emergency residency” at the MacDowell Colony, a perfect artists’ colony in New Hampshire. I decided to do something different while there. Instead of my usual slow, plodding pace for writing a first draft of a novel, where I circle in on myself and revise as IContinue reading “The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words”

A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave

I am writing my book. I have been writing my book for months and months. My book—the first draft—is due November 1. I’ve tried to make it easier on myself this time around… I can’t tell you that’s working. Why? BECAUSE NO BOOK IS EASY TO WRITE WHAT WAS I THINKING. I went away andContinue reading “A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave”

Writers Colony Diary: The Hambidge Center June 2013

Sometimes, when I’m writing and barred from Twitter and blogging and all manner of distracting things, I keep a journal in which I talk to myself. I did this while I was away for a short residency at the Hambidge Center in Georgia, and I wanted to share selected bits with you. Some of theContinue reading “Writers Colony Diary: The Hambidge Center June 2013”

The Writing That Comes Before All the Writing: On Outlining

I used to be a dedicated outliner. My outlines for novels would take up dozens and dozens of pages, come with color-coded notes to myself (this has been written and you don’t need to worry about it anymore = blue ; not sure of this, but you’ll come up with something better when you writeContinue reading “The Writing That Comes Before All the Writing: On Outlining”