Inspiration for November

Are you a person of questionable sanity who’s doing the NaNoWriMo challenge this month? If you are, you surely know the writing spree starts today, and maybe you’re seeking some inspiration to get you through to November 30 with your heart and head and fingers intact. Or maybe you’re a person who has a writing deadlineContinue reading “Inspiration for November”

After the Writing Weekend

I went away this weekend to write. This was my view while writing one night: And this was an especially invigorating breakfast: Since I’m between deadlines—and thus lacking in panic, which actually helps me write—I kept switching between projects. One was in synopsis. One was in rough first draft. Decisions were made in both, theContinue reading “After the Writing Weekend”

Every Novel Is Its Own Distinct and Distinctly Flawed Animal

Writing a novel once—or twice, or four times if you count the adult novels I never published, or eight times if you count the work-for-hire novels written under fake names—does not necessarily mean you understand how to write a novel. Writing workshops didn’t prepare me for writing novels. (Mostly we focused on short stories.) ReadingContinue reading “Every Novel Is Its Own Distinct and Distinctly Flawed Animal”

A Finish-Your-Novel-Or-Else Song

Have a deadline? Trying to finish your novel in a week? Trying to revise before your eyes fall out? Need motivation? A kick in the pants? Something that makes you stop sobbing? Sometimes an upbeat song helps. If I share mine, maybe you’ll share yours? Here’s a song I listen to when I feel sureContinue reading “A Finish-Your-Novel-Or-Else Song”

The Book Isn’t Done Yet and the Delicious Panic Sets In

I have less than two weeks to finish the first draft of this new novel. I’m going to make it this time. I know there will be rounds of revision after this, so I really should let go and turn this in. But… yeah… I need the story to have an end first. While IContinue reading “The Book Isn’t Done Yet and the Delicious Panic Sets In”

The Self-Imposed Page 1 Rewrite

The internet is a minefield. I’m censoring what I want to say about that. You know what else is a minefield? My first draft. Every time I make progress I see another UTTERLY IMPORTANT plot piece I need to go back and change! I get new ideas and I want them in! My muse—yes, IContinue reading “The Self-Imposed Page 1 Rewrite”

You Can’t Know (Or: a Telegram Not Sent)

You can’t know how you’ll handle things. You can guess. You can even make an educated guess, based on what you know of yourself from all other experiences that came before, like the fact that you published a book once before, you were read and reviewed and rated before. You survived. I’d been through thisContinue reading “You Can’t Know (Or: a Telegram Not Sent)”

Before the Novel was THE Novel

Today, there was a click-through to my blog from an old post I wrote here in 2008. That post was about Imaginary Girls (formerly called Mythical Creatures, so in the old post I called the novel “M”), which I had just begun rewriting from scratch. At this point, I had no idea what would comeContinue reading “Before the Novel was THE Novel”