On Being Exposed

I’m feeling a little naked lately, with Imaginary Girls getting read by early readers and me stumbling over the things being said about it—sometimes when I mean to be looking (I have peeked), and even when I don’t mean to be looking at all. Imagine what it must have been like for authors before theContinue reading “On Being Exposed”

Fiery Hatred of Word Counts

I used to be very anti word count. I still am, in theory. I’ve never cared about the number of words written in a day—or a week or a month. It’s about the words themselves and the story formed out of them. Patting yourself on the back for writing an arbitrary amount of words inContinue reading “Fiery Hatred of Word Counts”

The New Novel and 5 Things

I don’t mean to ignore this blog. It’s only that I’ve been working on my new novel, sharpening all my thoughts into one single point of a thought, trying to gain myself some good words and some good pages until they (somehow?) form themselves into a full manuscript and I slap my name on itContinue reading “The New Novel and 5 Things”

In Which I Wish It Was 1989*, Back Before This Distracting Thing Known as the Internet

Thanks to a jolting pep talk from my other half, a motivating talk with my oh-so-wise agent, and the great sea ahead that is my unfinished novel, first draft imminently due to my amazing editor, who will surely direct me to a vast, sparkling sea of revisions… …I am wondering how to balance Writer-Me withContinue reading “In Which I Wish It Was 1989*, Back Before This Distracting Thing Known as the Internet”

In Which My New Novel Gets Some Help from Scrivener

I’ve admitted before that I don’t like to ask for help. Call it stubborn. Call it delusional. Call it visionary—because, sometimes, if you don’t ask others for help, you come to a solution on your own… since, uh, you sorta have to. But, lately, I’ve been realizing that I need a little help organizing myContinue reading “In Which My New Novel Gets Some Help from Scrivener”

Where I’m Hiding and What I’m Doing Here

In a surreal bit of perfect coincidence, the week after the ARCs (advance readers copies) of Imaginary Girls were released into the wild I had the opportunity to go into hiding. It helps with the nerves, hiding here. It helps me from being tempted to look at Goodreads—which I am trying to avoid this timeContinue reading “Where I’m Hiding and What I’m Doing Here”

Six Fateful Paragraphs

Wow, between here and Twitter and Facebook and the Blueboards, thank you for the responses to my new book cover and the story summary! I still get a bit breathless when I look at the cover. Speaking of what is now Imaginary Girls, do you ever wonder where your ideas come from? The smallest kernelContinue reading “Six Fateful Paragraphs”

The Month We’re All Writing Novels

I’m working on my novel now—yes, still—and, I have to say, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m at the tail end of this flu, and once my hellacious cough stops waking my neighbors and scaring small children, and once I don’t have to carry a box of tissues at my hip,Continue reading “The Month We’re All Writing Novels”

When the Novel Gets Close But You Don’t Want to Leave the Igloo

I’ve got this novel that wants to be ready. This novel that’s close to show. I’ve spent much of the weekend on it—to the detriment of my unread and unanswered email inbox and putting away the clean laundry and only doing four hours a day of freelance instead of eight, which is really going toContinue reading “When the Novel Gets Close But You Don’t Want to Leave the Igloo”