The Night You Read with One of Your Favorite Authors

I wanted to tell you about last week, Wednesday night. It was probably the best experience at a book event that I’ve ever had. I was excited to be invited to read at the wonderful Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series, hosted by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel and held, once a month, at theContinue reading “The Night You Read with One of Your Favorite Authors”

Fantastic Fiction at KGB Reading August 21

Next week—Wednesday, August 21—I’ll be at the KGB Bar in New York City reading with one of my favorite authors. Who might that favorite author be? She wrote this book of terrifying brilliance: And, so you know, Libba Bray is terrifyingly brilliant in person too. Oh yeah. I’ll be there reading from something I wrote,Continue reading “Fantastic Fiction at KGB Reading August 21”

Beyond the Buzz: New York City Reading Recommendations from Laura Lutz

Welcome to the Beyond the (Latest) Buzz series, where I’m asking YA & kidlit librarians as well as book bloggers to share books they think deserve more attention. Since today happens to be Valentine’s Day, and I love New York City like wow, I thought this would be the perfect day to feature this particular guestContinue reading “Beyond the Buzz: New York City Reading Recommendations from Laura Lutz”

2013 NYC Teen Author Festival

For I guess a few years now one of my author fantasies has been to be a part of the NYC Teen Author Festival organized by David Levithan that happens here in the city every spring. But either I didn’t have a book out in time, or I was away, and I kept looking longinglyContinue reading “2013 NYC Teen Author Festival”

The Dark Zone

Just two nights ago I was reading by flashlight in our cold apartment, a boiled bottle of water under the wool blanket with me, caught in lower Manhattan with promises that our power would be back on “soon.” I’d felt hope in the morning when we heard on the battery-operated radio that most of ManhattanContinue reading “The Dark Zone”

What Scares YA Authors?

…Starting tomorrow, I’ll be asking that very question of some YA authors, and we’ll see what they say. Come back tomorrow for guest blogs, interviews, and book giveaways. Here’s who you’ll find here: Adele Griffin, author of All You Never Wanted and Tighter Andrew Smith, author of The Marbury Lens and Passenger Brenna Yovanoff, author of The Replacement and The Space Between Daniel Marks,Continue reading “What Scares YA Authors?”

One of Those This-Is-My-Life?? Moments

This morning I went to my usual cafe, stepped in, saw the blank bagel board, then stomped off in a rage* because there were no bagels left. I took a long detour to another cafe on the Bowery all so I could calmly sit and freewrite with a toasted sesame bagel and a skim mocha**.Continue reading “One of Those This-Is-My-Life?? Moments”

KidLitCon Recap: In Which I Wear My New Lucky Blue Shoes, Reveal My Secrets About Blog Series, and Get Sappy About Why I Do This

So my presentation with Kelly Jensen of STACKED at the Kidlitosphere Conference was this weekend and—spoiler—I think it went well! For those of you who don’t know, the Kidlitosphere Conference, aka KidLitCon, is a yearly conference for bloggers in young adult and children’s lit, and this year it was held in New York City, atContinue reading “KidLitCon Recap: In Which I Wear My New Lucky Blue Shoes, Reveal My Secrets About Blog Series, and Get Sappy About Why I Do This”

My Upcoming Presentation at KidLitCon

If you’ll be at the Kidlitosphere Conference at the New York Public Library this weekend, look for me there! You’ll find me giving a presentation on blog series with the amazing Kelly Jensen from STACKED on Saturday at 12 noon—we have a great talk prepared for you and can’t wait! And if you’re a blogger/reviewer/librarian/readerContinue reading “My Upcoming Presentation at KidLitCon”

KidLitCon and Periwinkle Blue

What’s Periwinkle Blue Here we are in the last days of August. The sky above my rickety fire escape is periwinkle blue and completely cloudless, and the wail of sirens is fading away down in the street until there’s that strange kind of silence you find sometimes in Manhattan, punctuated by the buzz of air-conditionersContinue reading “KidLitCon and Periwinkle Blue”